December 2017
Secretary for Scientific Publications

Secretary for Scientific Publications

Dear Colleagues,
I would like first to express my gratitude to all those who made possible my election to the WPA EC as secretary for Scientific Publications. It is a great honor for me and I will do the best I can to the promotion of the Association and the good functioning of its EC. 

1. As highlighted in the presentation of my candidacy to this position, my engagement in WPA is based on the idea that WPA offers a unique opportunity to enhance mental health and psychiatry worldwide integrating the diversity of our discipline, including geographical or cultural diversity and theoretical or practical diversity that make the richness of our discipline when it is integrated under a common umbrella.

2. At a general level, publications are situated between science (or knowledge) and education (or training), in reference to evidence and value based good practices. It is therefore, mainly a mediating stage between the input of knowledge and the output of education. The main aim of publications is then to be integrated in this general process to serve its goals, towards the objectives of the WPA action plan 2017-2020

3. In this general perspective, I consider, however, that publications have, a specific role to play: 

a. The dissemination of knowledge to improve psychiatric science and practice at various level 

  i. Theoretical 

  ii. Practical 

  iii. The interactions between them 

b. The communication of publications to promote and increase the visibility, the funding and the academic recognition of:  

  i. Globally, Psychiatry, WPA and WPA components 

  ii. Locally, of member societies and psychiatrists, taking into account their lack of resources in LMIC and the glass-celling effect professionals have to face when they want to get their work published, for linguistic, cultural, educational reasons, in less scientifically informed and methodologically trained contexts

  iii. Keeping in mind that WPA is not a scientific organization as any other, because beside knowledge, his purpose should be to use it well deserved prestige to help overcoming these contextual limitations, and for that purpose, promote particularly the scientific production in these less favored contexts

I look very much forward to meeting psychiatrists of the world and representative of member societies in future WPA activities. I remain at your disposal to help you in the projects you may have in relation with scientific publications 

Prof Michel Botbol 




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