Depressive Disorders 3rd Edition from the WPA Evidence and Experience Series

Depressive Disorders 3rd EditionThe publication of a new edition in the Evidence and Experience series of the World Psychiatric Association, Depressive Disorders, 3e (ISBN 9780470987209) is announced.

In the UK, the Liberal Democrats claim that depression is costing the economy £8.6bn a year – a rise of £3 billion since 1999. The Research Service of the House of Commons Library calculated these figures by multiplying average earnings by the number of people who are out of work and claim benefits (Incapacity Benefit and Severe Disability Allowance) due to depression.

Liberal Democrat MP Jo Swinson, who chairs the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Wellbeing, said: "This is shocking evidence of the dramatic scale of the cost of depression in this country. More Government focus on mental health and wellbeing makes economic sense. Measures to tackle workplace stress, encourage responsible lending and keeping people in work would benefit us all. Ministers can no longer allow mental health care to be a Cinderella service."   

Depressive disorders have profound social and economic consequences, owing to the suffering and disability they cause. They often occur together with somatic illness which worsens the prognosis of both. Prevention, detection and optimal treatment of these disorders are therefore of great clinical and economic importance.

This third edition of the first title in the acclaimed Evidence & Experience series from the World Psychiatric Association has been fully revised and features a new section on depression in primary care – the main channel for the management of these disorders in countries around the world.

Other new features

- A third editor, Helen Herrman, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Melbourne
- Updated reviews according to new information in the field
- Enriched content with additional comments & critical remarks
- Publication at a time of radical revision within the DSM and IDC diagnostic systems

This smart new edition will be informative and stimulating reading for everyone working with people with depressive disorders in all countries and settings: psychiatrists, psychologists, primary care physicians and other mental healthcare professionals.

Many thanks to Fiona Woods and Jon Peacock for seeing this safely through the development and production process.

Announced by Wiley-Blackwell




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