Images of Psychiatry

Images of PsychiatryThe Series "Images of Psychiatry"

This series of books aims to provide a picture of the past and the present of psychiatry in individual countries or groups of countries, covering such issues as mental health care, psychiatric education, psychobiological research, epidemiology of psychiatric disorders, child and adolescent psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry. The first volume, focusing on Japan, was published in July 1999. Volumes on German-speaking countries, Spain, Latin America, Arab countries and Russia are in preparation.

An Arab PerspectiveAn Arab Perspective

This book is a crosswalk through the different ways in which Arab culture colors the discipline of psychiatry, starting from its history, to the symptomatology of disorders, to the social factors that color that symptomatology, the impact of culture on treatment methods, foremost psychotherapy and the existing legislations, services and educational bases serving the discipline. It is a collective product of a number of Arab colleagues from seven Arab countries, each from his or her own perspective and experience have presented their insight into the impact of Arab culture on our specialty.

Editors: Prof. Ahmed Okasha, Prof. Mario Maj
Co-editors: Aida Seif El Dawla, Tarek Okasha

Images of Psychiatry: Romania

21st Century Romanian Psychiatry
"21st Century Romanian Psychiatry, edited by Professors Eliot Sorel and Dan Prelipceanu, was initiated by the WPA Conflict Management and Resolution Section in collaboration with the Romanian Psychiatric Association. It is the third and the most recent in the WPA Images of Psychiatry series. This volume traces the medical, scientific roots of Romanian Psychiatry with an ample historical background over two centuries, the consequences of half a century of totalitarian communist isolation, the rebirth and reintegration in European and Global Medicine and Mental Health of one of Romania's well established specialties, in the past fifteen years since the Romanian revolution of 1989. Building on its humanitarian and scientific traditions Romanian Psychiatry is making a robust comeback in the 21st century".

Eliot Sorel, Dan Prelipceanu

Images of Psychiatry: The CarribeanImages of Psychiatry: The Caribbean

Images of Psychiatry: The Caribbean is a collaborative venture of the WPA Conflict Management and Conflict Resolution Section and the Department of Community Health and Psychiatry at the University of the West Indies, Mona , Jamaica. It is the fourth and latest in the WPA Images of Psychiatry series.The book traces the historic, medical, and scientific development of Caribbean Psychiatry in the rich and diverse context of the West Indian culture. It addresses not only the medical aspects of the profession but also takes on the indellible marks left by slavery and racism as well as the accompanying social and political consequences. It is a book abounding in detail, visionary thinking, and pragmatic examples be they clinical, ethical or health policy focused, across the life cycle. It is dedicated to Professor Michael Beaubrun, the father of modern Caribbean Psychiatry. It is a thought provoking tome, worthy of the rich, West Indian and universal medical, cultural and intellectual traditions of our profession.

Frederick W. Hickling, Eliot Sorel 




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