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Four Sections have Newsletters: Psychotherapy; Psychological Consequences of Torture and Persecutions; Psychopathology of Expression; Transcultural Psychiatry.

Sections which have published volumes: Preventive Psychiatry ("Preventive Psychiatry"); Psychopathology of Expression ("The Graphical Language of Insanity") and Mental Retardation ("The ABC of Mental Retardation").

Disembodied Spirits and Disanimated BodiesDisembodied Spirits and Disanimated Bodies
How can we better understand and treat people affected by schizophrenia and manic-depressive illnesses? This important new book takes us into the world of those suffering from such disorders. Using self descriptions, its emphasis is not on how we view sufferers, but on how the patients themselves experience their disorder. Central to the book is the idea that schizophrenic people live like disembodied spirits or deanimated bodies. As disembodied spirits, they feel like abstract entities which contemplate their own existence and the world from outside. As deanimated bodies, schizophrenic people feel deprived of the possibility of living personal experiences - perceptions, thoughts, emotions - as their own.

A new volume in the International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry series, this book will be of great interest to all those working with sufferers from such disorders - helping them to understand the mental lives of these people better, and providing important insights into how best to treat them.

Journal of Mental Health Policy and Economics
Official journal of the WPA Section on Mental Health Economics




Archives of Women's Mental Health
Official journal of the WPA-Section on WMH




Official Journal of the WPA-Section of Clinical Psychopathology and Section of Classification and Diagnostic Assessment




A thorough discussion by leading psychiatrists.


The classification of mental disorders improved greatly in the last decade of the 20th century and now provides a reliable operation tool.

The first set of papers in this publication present the views on international classification and diagnosis of the WHO and the APA as well as the results of a large international survey on the usage and perceived value of ICD-10 and related diagnostic systems.

The second group of papers topically review international experience with current diagnostic systems. The third set delves into some of the key conceptual bases for the development of future diagnostic systems. The fourth group review ongoing work on adaptations of and complements to the ICD. The last section offers incisive commentaries on integrative approaches and future steps.

Summarizing the current knowledge of the field of the international system for classification and diagnosis this publication is essential reading for psychiatrists, psychologists as well as public health services.




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