February 2010
International Psychiatry, a journal produced by the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists

The journal is intended primarily as a platform for authors from low- and middle-income countries, sometimes writing in partnership with colleagues elsewhere. Submissions from authors based in international divisions of the Royal College of Psychiatrists are particularly encouraged. Our aim is to act as a forum for colleagues who wish to share their experience, observations and successes, to highlight new developments in mental health research, healthcare and education and to promote global discussion on pertinent issues.

International Psychiatry publishes original scientific papers, country profiles and opinion pieces dealing with the policy and promotion of mental health, administration, audit and management of mental health services and training in psychiatry around the world. International Psychiatry focuses on matters of international interest to practising clinicians and managers in psychiatry both in the UK and abroad. International Psychiatry prioritises articles that are of practical clinical relevance, topical and accessible.

All papers are peer-reviewed to ensure that the content, length and structure of all articles submitted are appropriate for the journal. Although not all papers will be accepted for publication, our peer-review process is intended to assist our authors in producing articles for worldwide dissemination. Wherever appropriate, our expert panel of assessors will help authors to improve their papers to maximise their impact when published.

Further information, including all the copies of the journal published to date, are available on the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ website at this link http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/publications/journals/ipinfo1.aspx.




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