February 2010
WPA Publications Project on the Dissemination of Mental Health Research

A WPA publications taskforce was appointed in 2008 to promote the dissemination of research from low-income and middle-income countries. It is working together with journal editors to improve the quality of their publications and to strengthen their chances of being indexed in international databases. The work of the taskforce is supported as part of the WPA work plan 2008-2011 and described in recent publications (see below) including a letter published in the Lancet in October 2009 (see below/see link). These publications note and document the striking under-representation of low-income and middle-income countries in published psychiatric research.  

Several journals whose editors have worked with the WPA project have achieved indexation in the past two years, including the recent indexation in PubMed of the high quality Indian Journal of Psychiatry under the editorship of Prof T. S. Sathyanarayana Rao. The project has been acknowledged as contributing to these achievements.

The taskforce has the following members: Professors Helen Herrman (Chair, WPA Secretary for Publications), Jair de Jesus Mari (Co-chair), Mario Maj, Peter Tyrer, Vikram Patel, Norman Sartorius, Christopher Szabo and Dr Christian Kieling, and Dr Shekhar Saxena as observer.  

Taskforce publications

1. Kieling C., Herrman H., Patel V., Mari J. 2009. Indexation of psychiatric journals from low- and middle-income countries: a survey and a case study. World Psychiatry 8(1): 40-44 (IF: 3.896)

2. De Jesus Mari J., Patel V.,  Kieling C., Anders M., Jakovljevi M., Lam L. C. W., Lotaief F.,  Mendlowicz M. V., Okulate G., Sathyanarayana Rao T. S., Tamam L., Tyrer P.,  Herrman, H. 2009. The 5/95 Gap on the dissemination of mental health research: The World Psychiatric Association (WPA) task force report on project with editors of low and middle income (LAMI) countries. African Journal of Psychiatry,12: 33-39 (IF: N/A)

3. Mari J., Patel V., Kieling C., Razzouk D., Tyrer P., Herrman H. 2009 The 5/95 Gap in the indexation of psychiatric journals of low and middle income countries. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica.1–5. DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0447.2009.01476.x

4. Kieling C., Herrman H., Patel V., Tyrer P., Mari J. J. A global perspective on the dissemination of mental health research. Lancet. 2009 Oct 31;374(9700):1500.

>> Please click here to see The Lancet Series on Global Mental Health.




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