Education in Psychiatry

CHAIR: Allan Tasman Allan Tasman

Address: Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences University of Louisville School of Medicine 401 E. Chestnut St.,
Suite 600 Louisville,
KY 40202 United States of America

Phone: +1 502 588 4886
Fax: +1 502 588 4427

CO-CHAIR: Andrea Fiorillo Andrea Fiorillo
Address: Department of Psychiatry University of Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli”,
Largo Madonna delle Grazie,
80138 Naples Italy
Phone: +39 081 5666531
Fax: +39 081 5666523 
SECRETARY: Hussien Elkholy Hussien Elkholy

Address: Institute of Psychiatry, Department of Neurology and Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
Phone: +202) 26820759 - 26836379
Fax: +202) 26836379
E-mail: ;


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 >>From Allan Tasman - The Provider’s Clinical Support System for Opioid Therapies (PCSS-O)

 >>The Doha Undergraduate Psychiatry Education Workshop - Recommendations

 >> Undergraduate teaching & training in psychiatry, core curriculum & assessment: Recommendations of the WPA co sponsored meeting, Coventry 18th & 19th March, 2013

 >> WPA Doha Undergrad Psychiatry Education Workshop Program 27-28 April 2012

 >> The book “Teaching Psychiatry - putting theory into practice” has been published early 2011

The Section on Education is one of the oldest sections in the WPA and provides a link and resource for those who teach:


  1. in undergraduate settings
  2. postgraduate psychiatrists
  3. primary care workers
  4. and provide education about mental health to the general public


Our major interests are:

  • Undergraduate education in psychiatry
  • Postgraduate education of psychiatrists
  • Public understanding and involvement in mental health issues
  • Education in primary and general medical care settings

We are also keen to collaborate with other sections in order to work on projects related to the educational implications of any aspect of psychiatric practice.

We aim to increase our activity and profile over the coming year. This page will be updated from time to time with further information.

New members are very welcome. Please e-mail to and enclose your curriculum vitae.

We organize symposia and training courses annually at WPA regional and international events.

Recent events include:

  • In Florence (WPA conference 2004) Recent advances in treatment in Psychiatry
    • Symposium on education in primary care settings.
  • In Athens (Sections meeting 2004 )
    • Update on Psychiatric Education (lecture)
  • In Cairo (2005)
    • Symposium – recent advances in psychiatric education
    • Workshop: teaching psychiatry in primary care settings
    • Workshop- teaching psychiatric interviewing skills
  • In Istanbul (2006)
    • Workshop: Direct to consumer advertising
    • Workshop: Using multimedia in psychiatric education
    • Workshop: Teaching about the assessment and management of suicide risk

Our current projects are:

  • Production of a book on ‘teaching psychiatry’
  • Collaboration in the revision of the WPA depression materials
  • We are also interested in developing international research in the section into teaching in psychiatry.

Some free copies of the WPA produced DVD (and video) on teaching mental helath in primary care are still available. Please contact Professor Linda Gask.

Other events

2002 X11 WPA Congress Yokohama:

  • Workshop: Psychiatry and primary care: practical approaches to Education and Collaboration (Dr Gask, Professor David Goldberg, Dr David Baron, Professor S Murthy)
  • Symposium: Mental Health Education for the Primary Care Physician (Professor Pedro Ruiz, Dr Gask, Professor Rodolfo Fahrer)

2003 WPA International Thematic Conference: "Diagnosis in Psychiatry"

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Adult ADHD in Primary Care (Dr Baron and Professor Fahrer)

2003 WPA Regional Meeting and WPA International Congress, Caracas, Venezuela: Alliances for mental Health

  • Diagnosis and treatment of Adult ADHD in Primary Care (Dr Baron)

2003 V World Congress on Depression, Mendoza

  • Section sponsored symposium on ‘Depression and Psychosomatics’ chaired by Professor Musacchio

2003 X International Congress of Psychiatry Buenos Aires (Professor Musacchio)

  • Section sponsored Workshop on ‘Dual Diagnosis’
  • Section sponsored Symposium on Dilemma and present challenges of addictions’

- World Congress of Psychiatry
Hamburg, August 1999
International Simposium "New Challenges in Education"
Dr. Musacchio, Dr. Gask, Dr. Moussaoui, Dr. Bomba, Dr. Furedi, Dr. Monchablon, Dr. D. Agnone. (It was prepared before our nominations)

- Regional Simposium WPA and Argentine Congress of Psychiatry.
AAP Simposium of the Section: "New Problems in the Teaching of Psychiatry"
Dr. Montenegro, Dr. Musacchio, Dr. D. Agnone

- Workshop Section
"Prevention in Drugabuse"
Dr. Lancellotti, Dr. D. Agnone, Dr. Amat, Dr. Fernandez Labriola
October 20-23 1999

- XII. Latinamerican Congress of FLAPIA
Lecture Section: "Integrative views in the Third Millennium"
Dr. D. Agnone
November 11-13 1999

- Argentine Congress of Psychiatry, I International Congress of Mental Health.
APSA Simposio of the Section "Experiences in the Transmission of Knowledge in Psychiatry"
Dr. Musacchio, Dr. Melamedoff, Dr. Luraguiz, Dr. Sassola
March 30th, April 2nd, 2000, Mar del Plata

- Jubilee Congress WPA
Simposio about Education
Workshop Dr Musacchio "Medical Students: initial training in Mental Health"
June 26-30 2000, Paris

- I. Congress of Social Psychiatry of the Mercosur
Workshop of the Section: "Education in Psychiatry. Regional Differences and Similitudes"
Professors of Psychiatry of Uruguay, Argentina, Brasil, France, Spain
October 17-19 2000, Montevideo

- I. Annual Simposio of the Chapter of Psychosocial Medicine of APSA
Workshop of the Section "Interdiscipline, the Psychoanalytic listening in Psychiatry"
October 2000

- Congress of Psychiatry AAP
Simposio of the Section "Education in Psychiatry"
Dr. Silvia Olarte and others
October 20-23, 2000

- Symposium in common with the Section of Urban Mental Health
Dr. Caracci, Dr Olarte.
New York 2000

- Symposium for the Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatric Association
Dr. Musacchio, Dr. Gask, Dr. Ruiz, Dr. Goldberg, Dr. Baron, Dr. Fahrer

May 2000, New Orleans




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