Newsletter No: 3

31 July, 2002

Dear colleagues,

The next World Congress of Psychiatry in Yokohama/Japan is approaching quickly, and this gives us the opportunity to inform you about the section’s activities and plans and, of course, to invite you to our symposium and business meeting in Yokohama!

Let us first apologize for not having sent newsletters twice a year, as we had planned. We underestimated the organizational efforts for such activities in a section with members worldwide a little bit. But I hope that with the backing of a stimulating meeting in Yokohama we will improve in this regard, too.

Our section was active and, at least in our view, successful since the last World Congress in Hamburg in 1999.

We organized several meetings and symposia:

  • At the WPA-Jubilee-Meeting in June 2000 in Paris we organized a Joint Symposium of the sections on “History of Psychiatry” and “Conflict management” (Chair: Prof. E. Sorel, New York) on “Patient’s Rights – Lessons Learned From the the Fall of the Berlin Wall to Present Day Psychiatry”. We had a stimulating discussion and concluded, that such a collaboration between WPA sections is highly useful and should be intensified in the future, e.g. at the next world congress in Yokohama.

    The following papers were read and discussed:

    Chairs: E. Sorel (USA), P. Hoff (Germany)
    C. Dimitrieva (Russia) Patient’s Rights in Russia
    A. Stewart (USA) Abuses of Patient’s Rights by Physicians in the United States
    P.-F. Chanoit (France) Patient’s Rights in France: Lessons learned from World War II
    T. Becker (Germany) Patient’s Rights. A German Perspective
  • The DGPPN Congress in Aachen from September 20 - 23, 2000 included a Joint Symposium of WPA’s and DGPPN’s sections on “History of psychiatry” with the title “History of psychiatry – actual research topics”.

    Nearly 100 colleagues attended the meeting, proving the increasing interest in the field in Europe.

    The structure of the meeting was as follows:

    Chairs: P. Hoff (Aachen), M.M. Weber (Munich)
    F. Kohl (Freiburg) Die “relativ verbundene Heil- und Pflegeanstalt“ in ländlicher Idylle - Zu Christian Friedrich Rollers Konzeptgeschichte der Illenau
    W. Burgmair (Munich) Emil Kraepelin, Aspekte seiner Biographie
    M. Schmidt-Degenhard (Schwerin) Problemgeschichtliche Aspekte der Paranoiafrage
    J. Belzen (Amsterdam) Psychiatrie und Religion: Verästelungen im Werk Leendert Boumans 1869 – 1936
    N. Müller (Munich, Germany) Die bauliche Umsetzung moderner Therapiekonzepte in der Psychiatrie
  • In 2001, at the conference „Science and Caring – A Mind Odyssee“ (WPA European Regional Meeting and Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Meeting, London, July 9 – 13, 2001) we had a very interesting symposium on “Psychiatric concepts around 1900 - new research and its actual implications” with the following program:

    Chairs: P. Hoff (Germany), C. Cahn (Canada)
    V. Roelcke (Germany) After Kraepelin: The German debate on the nature of schizophrenia, 1906 - 1932
    E. Engstroem (USA/Germany) Emil Kraepelin: the perspective of social history
    H. Freeman (Uinited Kingdom) Psychiary in Britain - 1900 and 2000
    E. Gabriel (Austria) Science and Caring: The Viennese situation 100 years ago
    T. Hamanaka (Japan) The concepts of delusion, hallucination and illusion from the 19th to the beginning of the 20th century
  • From September 30 to October 4, 2001, the WPA European Congress took place in Madrid (New Commitments for Psychiatrists). The chairman of our section gave a lecture with the title “From Emil Kraepelin to DSM V: Historical aspects and recent perspectives of psychiatric classification”.
  • At the annual meeting of the DGPPN in November 2001 in Berlin we again had a stimulating Joint Symposium of DGPPN’s and WPA’s sections on the history of psychiatry:
    Also this year, in November 2002, there will be such a symposium at the DGPPN meeting in Berlin on historical and actual aspects of social psychiatry. Details will soon be published at the following address:
    1. Symposium: “Diagnosis in Psychiatry: Historical and Actual Perspectives”
      Chair: P. Hoff
      Akio Sakai: On some diagnostic notions in Ancient Greece: A study concerning the aspects lost in modern psychiatry
      Wolfgang Gaebel: Diagnosis in biological psychiatry
      Toshihiko Hamanaka: Diagnosis, nosology and symptomatology in psychiatry: a historical perspective
      Paul Hoff: Operationalized diagnosis in psychiatry: Historical and conceptual issues
      26.08.2002, 14.45 – 16.15, Lounge
    2. Lecture by P. Hoff: “Why a History of Psychiatry?”
      25.08.2002, 12.00 – 12.45, Room 303
    3. Business meeting of our section
      25.08.2002, 18.15 – 19.45, Room 418
  • And, last not least, as you probably know, these are our activities at the upcoming WPA Meeting in Yokohama:

Let us again express our hope to see many of you in Yokohama. In order to strengthen the organization of our section, it would be very helpful if you would attend the business meeting.

Thank you very much for your continuous support!

Sincerely yours,

Prof. Paul Hoff
N. Hollenborg




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