Newsletter No: 4

Aachen, August 29th, 2002

Report of Section on History of Psychiatry Business Meeting on August 25th, 2002 at XII. World Congress of Psychiatry, Yokohama, Japan

Prof. Paul Hoff, Aachen, Germany, Chairman
Dr. Gabor S. Ungvari, Hong Kong, China
Dr. Yoshiro Okashima, Tochigi, Japan
Dr. Francisco Lotufo, Sao Paulo, Brazil (new member)
Dr. Gerardo Favaretto, Coneuliano, Italy (new member)
Dr. Paolo Peloso, Genoa, Italy (new member)
Dr. Paulo G. Marmorato, Sao Paulo, Brazil (new member)

1. Welcome and approval of agenda

The chairman welcomes the participants and proposed the agenda for the business meeting. There were no objections againts the agenda.

2. Chairman’s report

The chairman gave a brief overview over the section’s activities within the three years between the WPA World Congresses in Hamburg (1999) and Yokohama (2002), the details of which were completely listed in newsletter No. 3. Compared to the successful congress activities of our section, there is no such positive development as for the number and active participation of members (see topic 4) and with regard to finances (see topic 3).

3. Financial report

Since the treasurer was unable to attend the meeting, but had informed the chairman about the financial situation, the chairman reported that there were no major changes since 1999: The actual funds is £ 46 (forty-six English-pounds).

4. Election of new executive

Due to the small number of attendants, there were doubts concerning the quorum of an election. The attendants agreed to the following procedure: Since the present chairman declared his willingness to continue for the next election period 2002 - 2005, and the Vice-Chairman (Prof. Hamanaka) and the treasurer/secretary (Prof. Freeman) had done so before the congress, though both were unable to attend this business meeting, all attendants voted for these three candidates to continue as officers of the section, unless there will be negative votes from the other members not present at the meeting. The chairman will soon write a letter to all members asking them to comment on this election within a month. Should there be no negative votes, the present election will be definite. The result of this questioning of the members will be published in newsletter No. 5 in early October, 2002.

5. Plans for future

The chairman will write to all members, some of whom have not taken part in the section’s activities for considerable time, and ask if they wish to continue and what their contribution will be. Also, all members will be asked to contact younger colleagues with scientific interest in the history of psychiatry. At the moment, the most urgent task is to further improve communication between members and to gain new active members. It is also desirable to raise funds to cover expenses, especially for conferences organized by the section.

6. Other business

There were four colleagues attending who expressed their wish to become members of the section. There was no objection, so they are members from now on (see actual membership list).

7. Adjournment

The chairman thanked all participants for their interest and cooperation.

Prof. Paul Hoff, M.D., Ph.D.
WPA Section on History of Psychiatry




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