Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability

CHAIR: Marco Bertelli
Address: Italian Society for the Study of Mental Retardation Via di Rusciano 3 50126 Florence Italy   
Phone: 39 055 7392880
Fax: 39 055 7392879
E-mail: bertelli.fi@tiscali.it
CO-CHAIR: Shoumitro Deb
Address:  University of Birmingham  School of Psychology Frankland Building Birmingham B15 2TT United Kingdom   
Phone: 44 121 301 2379
Fax: 44 121 301 2379
E-mail: s.deb@bham.ac.uk
SECRETARY: Henry Wai Ming Kwok
Address: Kwai Chung Hospital 3-15 Kwai Chung Hospital Rd, New Territories Hong Kong China   
Phone: 852 2959 8111
Fax: 852 2445 7610
E-mail: kwokwmhn@ha.org.hkhwmkwok@hotmail.com


The Section on Mental Retardation was established by Frank Menolascino, who also founded the modern psychiatry of intellectual disability in the 60s.


The principal aim of the Section is to encourage the field of intellectual disability in psychiatry, providing support to scientific initiatives related to mental health in persons with intellectual disabilities, particularly throughout intersectional cooperation within WPA. The Section is also aimed at increasing the scientific knowledge and dissemination and this area of research and care economists and other professionals in the mental health sector in order to enable a common language and scientific background between those who finance, provide and use services for mental and addictive disorders in the various countries of the world.


  1. Promote the development and scientific dissemination of high quality research in psychiatry of intellectual disability.
  2. Provide clinicians scientific information and training material on mental health of intellectual disability.
  3. Develop section special interest workgroups and communication networks with other WPA section as well as other international and national organisations related to intellectual disability


9th Congress of European Association for Mental Health in Intellectual Disability (EAMH-ID)



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