Publications and Educational Programs

  1. ABC Guidelines:
    Mental Health in Mental Retardation - The ABC for mental health, primary care and other professionals
    1. English 
    2. Spanish
    3. Italian
  2. Autism:
    Autism and Related Disorders: The basic handbook for mental health, primary care and other professionals (These files are found in WPA Educational Resources)

  3. Book chapters
    L. Salvador-Carulla, H. Costello, N. Bouras
    Current advances in intellectual disabilities (mental retardation)
    In Advances in Psychiatry (Editor: G. N. Christodoulou) Vol II, 2005, pp 33-38
    Introduction and Part II

  4. Other Publication links
    1. Practice Guidelines for the assessment and Diagnosis of Mental health problems in Adults with Intellectual Disability (read Free Publication)
    2. OP48. DC-LD: Diagnostic criteria for psychiatric disorders for use with adults with learning disabilities/mental retardation (Royal College of Psychiatrists offering )
    3. IDRESNET: Intellectual Disability in Europe




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