Section Chairs


Addiction Psychiatry

Michael Krausz (USA)



Joseph Biederman (USA)


Affective Disorders

Jan Scott (United Kingdom)


Naomi FinebergAnxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

Naomi Fineberg (United Kingdom)


Art and Psychiatry 

Hans-Otto Thomashoff (Austria)


Biological Psychiatry

Mohammed T. Abou-Saleh (Qatar)
 Brain and Pain

Claudio M. Martins (Brazil)
Bennett L. LeventhalChild and Adolescent Psychiatry

Bennett Leventhal (USA)
 Classification, Diagnostic Assessment & Nomenclature

Ihsan Salloum (USA)
Clinical Psychopathology

Michael Musalek (Austria)
 Conflict Management & Resolution

Solomon T. Rataemane (South Africa) 
Disaster Psychiatry

Russell Franco D’Souza (Australia)
Dual Disorders/Pathology

Nestor Szerman (Spain)
 Early Career Psychiatrists(Ad Hoc)

Hussien Elkholy (Egypt)
 Eating Disorders

Janice Russell (Australia)
Ecology, Psychiatry and Mental Health

Miguel Angel Materazzi (Argentina)
 Education in Psychiatry

Alan Tasman (USA)
Emergency Psychiatry

Pier Maria Furlan (Italy)
Epidemiology and Public Health

Vivianne Kovess Masfety (France)
Evidence Based Psychiatry
(formerly: Research Methods in Psychiatry)

Kostas N. Fountoulakis (Greece)
Evolutionary Psychiatry

Daniel R. Wilson (USA)
 Exercise, Psychiatry and Sports

Thomas Wenzel (Austria)
Family Research and Intervention

Akram K. Wilson (United Kingdom)
Forensic Psychiatry

Norbert Konrad (Germany)
 Genetics in Psychiatry

Thomas G. Schulze (Germany)
History of Psychiatry

German Berrios (UK)
 Anne CohenHIV/AIDS Psychiatry

Mary Cohen (USA)
 Angelos HalarisImmunology & Psychiatry

Angelos Halaris (USA)
Impulsivity and Impulse Control Disorders

F. Gerard Moeller (USA)
 Informatics and Telecommunications in Psychiatry

Michael Krausz (Canada)
Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Uriel M. Halbreich (USA)
 Literature and Psychiatry

Ahmad Mohit (Iran)
Mass Media & Mental Health

Pedro Ruggero (USA)
Sivasankaran BalaratnasingamMeasurement Instruments in Psychiatric Care

Sivasankaran Balaratnasingam (Australia)
Mental Health Economics

Massimo Moscarelli (Italy)
Vsevolod RozanovMilitary Psychiatry

Vsevolod Rozanov (Ukraine)
Neuroimaging in Psychiatry

Silvana Galderisi (Italy)
Occupational Psychiatry

Gino Pozzi (Italy)
Gabriela StoppeOld Age Psychiatry

Gabriela Stoppe (Switzerland)
Perinatal Psychiatry and Infant Mental Health

Gisèle Apter (France)
Personality Disorders

Peter Tyrer (United Kingdom)
Personalized Psychiatry (Ad Hoc) 

Giampaolo Perna (Italy)
Kasper SiegfriedPharmacopsychiatry

Siegfried Kasper (Austria)
Philosophy and Humanities in Psychiatry

Giovanni Stanghellin (Italy)
Preventive Psychiatry

Nikos Christodoulou (United Kingdom)
Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Pichet Udomratn (Thailand)
Psychiatry and Human Sexuality

Antonio Pacheco Palha (Portugal)
Psychiatry and Sleep Wakefulness Disorders

Martin Hatzinger (Switzerland)
Psychiatry in Developing Countries

E Mohandas (India)
Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability
Kerim Munir (USA)
Psychiatry, Law and Ethics

Athanassios Douzenis (Greece)
Psychiatry, Medicine and Primary Care

David Baron (USA)
Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry

Michel Botbol (France)
Psychological Consequences of Torture & Persecution

Federico Allodi (Canada)

 Armida Mucci (Italy)

Charles Nemeroff (USA)
Psycho-oncology and Palliative Care

Luigi Grassi (Italy)
Psychiatric Electrophysiology
(formerly: Psychophysiology in Psychiatry)

Oliver Pogarell (Germany)

Daniel Nahum (USA)
Psychiatry in Private Practice
Kostas N. Fountoulakis (Greece)
Public Policy and Psychiatry

Jonathan Burns (South Africa)
Wolfgang GaebelQuality Assurance in Psychiatry

Wolfgang Gaebel (Germany)
Peter J. VerhagenReligion, Spirituality and Psychiatry

Alexander Moreira-Almeida (Brazil)
Rural Mental Health

Satish Malik (India)
Wolfgang GaebelSchizophrenia

Wolfgang Gaebel (Germany)
Graham ThornicroftStigma and Mental Health

Graham Thornicroft (United Kingdom)
Stress Research(Ad hoc)

Jiri Raboch (Czech Republc)

Vladimir Carli (Sweden)
Marianne KastrupTranscultural Psychiatry

Marianne Kastrup (Denmark)
Urban Mental Health

Naotaka Shinfuku (Japan)
Women's Mental Health

Josyan Madi-Skaff (Lebanon)

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