Old Age Psychiatry

CHAIR: Gabriela Stoppe Gabriela Stoppe Address: University of Basel MentAge Gerbergasse 16 4001Basel

Phone: +41 61 262 20 10
E-mail: gabriela.stoppe@unibas.ch

CO-CHAIR: Aleksandra Milićević-Kalašić Aleksandra Milićević-Kalašić Address:  Medical High School in Belgrade Institute of Gerontology
and Palliative Care Sindeliceva 36 11000 Belgrade

Phone: +381 638494652
E-mail: aleksandrak@excite.com
SECRETARY: Carlos Augusto de Mendonça Lima Carlos Augusto de Mendonça Lima

Address: Centre de Psychiatrique et Psychothérapeutique
Les Toises Avenue des Mousquines, 4 1005 Lausanne
Phone: +41 21 340 61 21
Fax: +41 21 340 61 20
E-mail: climasj@yahoo.com


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James Warner (UK)
Aleksandra Milicevic - Kalasic (Serbia)
Jerzy Lezsak (Poland)
Cecile Hanon (France)

Cornelius Katona (former co-chair) (UK)
Edmond Chiu (immediate past chair) (Australia)



To promote the discipline of Old Age Psychiatry within the framework of WPA Means:

1. To ensure that WPA executive committee and council are well informed of old age psychiatry issues.
2. To organise lectures, symposia and workshop at WPA regional meetings and world congresses
3. To collaborate with other international organisations with similar interests, and to participate in major international meetings relevant to the discipline
4. To develop and disseminate educational material for practitioners in the field
5. To provide technical support to relevant national organisation and WPA member societies.


Symposia to be proposed during following meetings:

  • Paris, June 2000, WPA Regional Meeting
  • Nice, June 2001, IPA Congress
  • Melbourne, October 2001, WPA Regional Meeting
  • London, May 2001, WPA Regional Meeting
  • Yokohama, August 2002, WPA Congress
  • Florence, November 2004, WPA Sponsored International Congress
  • Athens, March 2005, WPA Regional Congress
  • Cairo, 2005, WPA Congress
  • Nice, March 2006, AEP Congress
  • Rio de Janeiro, April 2006, International Symposium of Old Age Psychiatry
  • Lisbon, May 2006, IPA Regional Meeting
  • Istanbul, June 2006, WPA Regional Meeting
  • Madrid, March 2007, AEP Congress
  • Prague, October 2008, WPA Congress
  • Florence, April 2009, WPA International Congress
  • Montreal, September 2009, IPA Congress


Recent Realizations

The WPA Section of Old Age Psychiatry realized a new Consensus Meeting on Ethics and Capacity in Older People with Mental Disorders with the participation if International Council of Nurses, Alzheimer Europe and Alzheimer Disease International. Participants who are recognised for their expertise in this area came from 11 countries and include psychiatrists, neurologist, nurse and family caregiving representatives. The Consensus Group met in Prague, Czech Republic, on September 2008 to develop a Position Statement of the Section on this relevant subject.

The aim of the Position Statement is to provide a practical tool to assist all those involved on ethical issues. It is addressed to health and social care practitioners, trainees, professional organisations, older people, their families and carers, NGOs and other advocacy groups, healthcare commissioners and policy makers as well as to the general public. The provision of high-quality care to older people with mental illness raises complex ethical problems; for example, guiding decision making around transfer from independent to institutional care and in the allocation of scarce health resources. Mental health professionals have a particular responsibility to ensure that older people with mental health problems are involved to the maximum degree in decisions about their treatment and care, to safeguard their patients’ rights and to combat ageism and elder abuse. Its objectives are to promote debate at all levels on these ethical issues, to describe the main contexts where the provision of high-quality care to older people with mental illness raises complex ethical problems, to inform practice and training and to encourage effective advocacy.

The document was approved by the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry and will be published soon.



  • to collaborate to the production of Guidelines in the Treatment of Resistant Depression in Old Age.


  • to co-organize with the IPA Task Force on Mental Health Services in Residential Facilities a consensus meeting on Residential Care for Old People with Mental Disorders.
  • to participate to the project Assessing Mental Health Resources for Old People with Mental Disorders around the World.
  • to participate to the IPA Task Force on Mental Health Economics initiative to propose an alternative to QALY in dementia.




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