Philosophy & Humanities in Psychiatry

CHAIR: Giovanni Stanghellini Giovanni Stanghellini, MD, DHC Address: University of Chieti, Via dei Vestini 31, 66100 Chieti   
Phone: 39 347 3790707
Fax: 39 347 3790707
CO-CHAIR: Bill (KWM) Fulford Bill (KWM) Fulford Address: University of Warwick University of Oxford
c/o Janet Smith, Room A-036
The University of Warwick Medical School - 
Coventry CV4 7AL United Kingdom
Phone: 44 247 6524 961
Fax: 44 207 2677 695

SECRETARY: Adriano Rodrigues Adriano Rodrigues Address: Federal University of Piaui – UFPI, Rua Professor Jose Eduardo Pereira, 1921,
Teresina 64049-640, Brazil    
Phone: 55 86 3215 5917


1. Our official Facebook Group

2. Our official YouTube Channel

3. Related Associations:
International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry (INPP)
Association for the Advancement of Philosophy & Psychiatry (AAPP)
European Psychiatric Association - Section of Philosophy and Psychiatry
Società Italiana per la Psicopatologia Fenomenologica & Scuola di Psicoterapia e Fenomenologia Clinica
4. University Departments and Courses:
University of Warwick - Postgraduate Courses in Philosophy & Ethics of Mental Health
University of Warwick - Values Based Practice Introduction and Reading Guide  
University of Pretoria - Division of Philosophy & Ethics of Mental Health
University of Central Lancashire - MA in Philosophy and Mental Health
5. Publications:
International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry (IPPP)
Philosophy, Psychiatry & Psychology (PPP)
Dialogues in Philosophy, Mental and Neuro Science (open access journal)
Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities in Medicine (open access journal)
Ten Principles of Values-Based Medicine (open access paper by Bill Fulford)
6. Other web resources:
In the Space of Reasons (blog)
Teaching Philosophy of Psychiatry & Mental Health (blog)

7. Scientific Meetings Organized, Sponsored or Co-Sponsored by WPA-SPHP
i. Phenomenology in psychiatry: history, contributions and perspectives (Buenos Aires, September, 2011)
ii. Ethics and aesthetics in psychiatry: the personal, the social and the dialectical (Buenos Aires, September, 2011)

iii. Symposia on Validity in Psychiatric Nosology and Psychopathology (June and September 2011)

iv. 6th RD Laing Conference (October 2011)

v. Conference - Montgomery and Me: Implementing the New Standard for Consent to Treatment in Medicine and Healthcare (October 2016)




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