Psychiatry in Private Practice

CHAIR: Konstantinos Fountoulakis (nominated)
Address: 3rd Department of Psychiatry Division of Neurosciences School of Medicine Aristotle University of Thessaloniki 6, Odysseos Street  55535 Pournari Pylaia Thessaloniki Greece   
Phone: 30 2310 994622
Fax: 30 2310 266570
E-mail: kfount@med.auth.grkfount@vodafone.net.gr
CO-CHAIR: Luis Camara Pestana (nominated)
E-mail: luiscamarapestana@gmail.com
SECRETARY: Melina Siamouli (nominated)
E-mail: siamel@med.auth.gr

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The Section on Private Practice was established in 1997 and given permanent status approval by the World Psychiatric Association in 1999.

Mission Statement

The main aim of the Section is to organize a global network of practitioners dedicated to the daily care of the mentally ill and promote and preserve the essential values that characterize the spirit and ethics of private practice.
Section Goals

  1. Promote the quality of care in the private practice
  2. Develop communication networks among practitioners around the world as well as between them and the scientific or other agencies relevant to their work
  3. Diffuse to practitioners pragmatic scientific developments that are significant to their daily practice
  4. Give visibility to ideas and findings deriving from clinical practice which are seminal for advances in the science of psychiatry and, when possible, award authors of the finest breakthroughs in the field
  5. Monitor political and economical issues influencing private practice


Upcoming Meeting: 4th International Congress on Brain and Behaviour

Position Statement

A Section on Private Practice Website with a link to the WPA Website is under development. This Website will facilitate professional networking with other private practice sections within national psychiatric societies throughout the world and offer an electronic forum for members of affiliated associations to exchange views and information.

The International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice, a distinguished quarterly peer reviewed journal, has been designated as the official journal of the Section on Private Practice. Members of the Section who wish to subscribe to the journal will receive a reduced rate.


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