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The section "Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry" (Section PIP) officially began in 2002 finding its place in the WPA (which actually includes sixty four sections) after a long process directed by Daniel simon Kipman (France). The perspective is to return to psychiatry clearly defined possibilities to find recourse in psychoanalysis to enrich not only daily clinical practice, but also to broaden theoretical discussion. The perspective is also to make some links between clinical practice and research.

The section "Psychoanalysis in Psychiatry" concerns itself with:

The dissemination of psychoanalytic theory to psychiatrists and staff.
The promotion of discussion of the role and function of psychoanalysis in psychiatry, medicine, and healthcare in general. A particular emphasis is placed so that discussion might be functional and integrated in psychiatric practice and/or in fields of health.
The creation of links with different fields of research – within psychiatry itself and also other fields such as sociology and the sciences, etc.

The Section proposes seminars/workshops (in different countries), symposiums, and teaching modules held in the congress of the WPA. It also makes available a list of bibliographic references and psychoanalytic texts. The Section also maintains a Newsletter posted on the WPA website.

In Cairo at september 2005, a new executive committee has been elected:
- D. S. Kipman (France), chair
- Florence Quartier (Swiss), co-chair.
- Agnès Michon (France; Swiss), secrétary
- Ayca Gurdal (Turkey), member of the executive comittee
- Graciela Onofrio (Argentine), member of the executive comittee.
- Members of the Broad committee: Michel Botbol (France), Allan Tasman (U.S.A) Brian Martindale (UK).

Letter to the section members, December 12, 2012




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