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CHAIR: Jonathan Burns Address: Department of Psychiatry Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine,
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CO-CHAIR: Michael Krausz
Address:  University of British Columbia (UBC), Institute of Health at UBC,
David Strangway Building, Room 430, 5950 University Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3
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SECRETARY: Ann Faerden Ann Faerden
Address:  Oslo University Hospital, Acute psychiatryBuilding 32, 0407 Oslo,

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Field of interest and activities

Public policy influences psychiatry and mental health and illness in a multitude of ways. Consequently the role of the Section on Public Policy and Psychiatry is very broad and includes:

  • Promoting the understanding of mental illness in the general public
  • Combating the stigma of mental illness
  • Encouraging policy-makers to use epidemiological data in making health policy decisions
  • Evaluating community commitment laws to establish which provisions are most socially and individually appropriate
  • Establishing advantageous legal frameworks for businesses that employ people with disabilities
  • Helping to correct the disincentives to employment engendered by national disability pension schemes
  • Advising on the development of adequate funding for mental health services and recovery-oriented funding mechanisms
  • Fostering modernisation of antiquated, institution-bound mental health service systems
  • Promoting the relevance of psychiatry for health systems in low-income countries
  • Emphasising the social importance of training psychiatrists
  • Promoting the integration of mental health services into general health care.

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