Minutes of section meeting of WPA Section on Public Policy and Psychiatry - Melbourne, 2007, November 29

Thank you for many reactions to our invitation to our section meeting in Melbourne. Many of you wrote to say that they would unfortunately not be able to be in Melbourne.

However, we had a small and effective meeting with Michael Krausz/CAN, Levent Küey/Turkey, George Szmukler/UK, Janice Wilson/NZL and new member Marianne Van der Veen/NL, Michaela Amering/A where we discussed: 

  • The fact that our section activities at the Melbourne congress

Mental health manpower in a global economy: brain-drain or brain-gain
Organized by Vikram Patel and Richard Warner
with S. Rajkumar, David Ndetei, and Rachel Jenkins

Overcoming the stigma of prognostic negativism in mental health care
(joint activity with WPA Section on Stigma)
organized by Michaela Amering and Heather Stuart
with Heather Stuart, Norman Sartorius, Richard Warner, Helen Glover

Compulsion, capacity and mental health law
Organized by George Szmukler and Michaela Amering
with Jeff Swanson, George Szmukler, John Dawson and John Lesser

Recovery, Resilience, and a Psychiatry for the Person – Consequences and Challenges of a paradigm shift
Organized by Michaela Amering
With Margit Schmolke, Carol Harvey, Michael Krausz, Levent Küey, Helen Glover, Jenny Burger and Juan Mezzich

were enjoyed and well received.

  • our commitment to the topic of
    user and carer involvement, where we are in the process of preparing a position paper
  • the need to further address topics of ‘global mental health’ in every respect,
    among them prominently also the mental health legislations around the globe, where a position paper would be very useful.

Miguel Jorge gave a most interesting presentation on his data of the evaluation process of this year at the WPA Section meeting and several suggestions and decisions regarding section support within WPA including e.g. plans to renew the website and facilitate section websites there and model by laws. His comprehensive report will appear on WPA website within the coming weeks.

Our next section meeting will be in Prague – in September 2008. Deadline for submission of symposia and workshops is January 17th 2008. We will send out invitations for our section meeting as soon as we know time and place. At this meeting we will also prepare a suggestion for a voting process per e-mail, which should take place before the end of 2008.

Another important deadline concerns WPA International Congress in Florence 2009,

April 1-4.  Section symposia are invited to be submitted with all presenters’ abstracts by

May, 31st, 2008 to the scientific secretariat: secretariat@wpa2009florence.org. Probably by then there will also be a website.

for the minutes:
Michaela Amering, December 2007




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