2000 Report

Draft for consideration and additions from Azim and Pacheco Palha

We are very proud of our achievements during the year 2000. The Section was present in several events and we took the stage in a very scientific and friendly way.
New members become part of the section and Human Sexuality Issues were in the front line.
Here is a schematic report of our activities:

  1. The International Survey on Human Sexuality ( Mezzich , Schiavi , Hernandez ) was completed and ready for publication. Enclosed is the final draft.
    The results are a good motivation to carry out as soon as possible a formal SEXUAL HEALTH EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM, which has been approved and funded partially.
    So many collaborators have been helping us, from all parts of the world.
    The Knowledge Base was completed and is under final revision for a work group of 16 highly qualified persons from several disciplines. After that an External Committee will review it finally, before publication.
    The following stages:
    • Implementation of the Educational Protocol
    • Translation to 8 languages and Field trails are planned and waiting for funding.
    The work group included :
    JE Mezzich, R,Hernandez, C Berganza, R.Garcia, A.Pacheco-Palha, D.Davis, Said Abdel Azim, Mary Ann Cohen ,D .Stewart , G.Wagner , C.Simonelli , M.Metz , B Bartlik , S. Striar ,L. Gindin , M.L. Lerer, with contributions and papers from many other colleagues.
    Workshops of 3 days in New York City , to take advantage of WPA Secretariat and the help of the very collaborative staff there, were held:
    • February 11,12,13
    • June 2,3,4
    • September 15,16,17
    • December 8,9,10
    Each meeting produced a folder with the state of the art knowledge in Sexual Health. A new definition is proposed already.

  2. Regional Symposium CINP. Porto Portugal. Pacheco Palha, Azim, Croft and Hernandez presented a Symposium on DRUGS AND SEXOLOGY.

  3. American Psychiatric Association. Annual Meeting Chicago. A meeting of the workgroup and section officers was held.
    Paper on

  4. Book on Violence 98. Proceedings of the Congress held in Caracas, Venezuela .was published with also the state of the art in treatment of sexual offenders, a growing problem everywhere. Parra A.,Hernandez R.

  5. PAHO meeting of group of experts. Antigua, Guatemala was the place for a group of 20 experts to review a draft on Human Sexuality, and preparing a new version of the WHO document (Geneva, l974 ) in order to update knowledge and promote Sexology and Sexual Health, and the WAS Declaration on Human Sexual Rights ( Valencia l997,Hong Kong 1999 ). E.Coleman, E.Rubio, E.Corona , M.Ganem , M. Perez Conchillo, J.J. Borras , R.Rodriguez C.,D. Haffner ,E. Ng , A.Parra , O.Rodriguez , R.Hernandez were representing WAS at this meeting which was very productive and established a good liaison with PAHO and WHO.

  6. International Association for Treatment of Sex Offenders. The biannual meeting was held in Toronto,Canada . Friedeman Pfaeflin, Isabel Boschi and Reinhard Eher , were elected as main officers. A paper on Violence 98 ( previous meeting ) was presented.

  7. WPA JUBILEE CONGRESS . Paris, France
    The 3 Officers of the Section were present at this memorable event to celebrate 50 years of the Association.
    2 Symposia were held, 1 was cancelled because hour and no attendance ( 8 am )
    1.JE Mezzich , J. Arboleda F, A.Pacheco-Palha , R. Hernandez
    2.R.Taylor Segraves, G.Valles , M.Ganem
    A Press Conference was held and published in many papers.
    The Social Events were outstanding.

  8. CINP Brussels, Belgium. This was a very successful meeting and A.Pacheco Palha., R.Hernandez were present and lobby for future relationships. The future of Psychiatry is in this area, and especially in Sexology recent developments on new drugs will be very useful for treatment of sexual dysfunctions in men and women.

  9. CINP Rhodes, Greece. A symposium on new vasoactive drugs was presented here.
    Pacheco-Palha, A.Pacheco ,and R. Hernandez.

    Guadalajara , Mexico, Under the auspices of the Asociacion Jaliscence de Psiquiatria a good meeting was held here. J.E.Mezzich., C.Berganza , C Rojas M.,A. Otero , R.Hernandez had lectures at the event and a good discussion on the Guide was formally achieved. We took one day to review the chapter on Human Sexuality.

    Again, a very successful meeting congregated many psychiatrists in 4 Symposia held on Human Sexuality Issues:
    • Homosexuality A.Fernandez
    • The WPA Sexual Health Educational Program. J.E.Mezzich.,C.Berganza , R.Hernandez
    • Advances in Forensic Psychiatry : G.Lucatelli ,H.Morana , R. Hernandez
    • Sex Education R.Calderon, R.Hernandez
  12. WORKSHOP on HUMAN SEXUALITY. Mallorca, España ,
    Juan Jose Lopez Ibor and Miguel Roca were hosts to a highly qualified group of Professors in Psychiatry in Spain. The meeting was a sound success.
    We presented the Opening Lecture and Chair the Closing Discussion.
    A special number of the Journal will follow.
    Several collaborative projects were presented, for 2001.
    The place choose is one of the most fascinating natural scenarios.

    Under the auspices of the Institute of Sessuologia Clinica , and a very good team work :
    C.Simonelli, A.Fabrizzi , F. Petrucelli , I.Petrucelli , R.Rossi , V.Vizzari , F. Tripodi and with the Lectures of J.E.Mezzich , M.Ganem , E. Coleman , R. Hernandez and a very distinguished group of Italian Lawyers a successful meeting on Sexual Perversions was held in the Jubilee City of the world for 2000. A proceedings book was published already.

    A large audience of highly motivated people attended this Congress. Gladys Llanos de Ordonez , Rodolfo Rodriguez, Antonio Leon , Germanico Zambrano, Ivan Rodriguez were the hosts.
    We presented here a workshop, an Opening Lecture and participated in 5 Symposia.
    A Quito Declaration was presented.
    E.Coleman, R,Cavalcanti ,M.Ganem , G.Valles ,B.Whipple were also special guests.
    Homenages to Suzanne Aurelius and Paolo Marangoni were very inspiring
    A Sex Education Program is under way with the leadership of R Cavalcanti and B.Lemos

    Cuzco, Peru.
    In Memoriam V.Yanez,H.Segu and C.Alvarez Lajonchere.

    In a marvelous environment with a lot of positive energy the X Classes took place.
    Every body important from Latin-American Sexology was there. More than 800 participants.
    A Workshop with A.Florez Colombino, I. Boschi and R Hernandez and a Magistral Lecture was given, and preparations for the XI Classes in Margarita Island.
    Venezuela , October 2002,was presented successfully.
    R.Hernandez and F Bianco were designated Honorary Presidents and A. Parra President of the Organizing Committee. The theme THE GOOD OF SEX has been chosen.
    A new version of the Manual Diagnostico de Enfermedades en Sexologia is in preparation.(FLASSES, Belo Horizonte l992)

  16. SSSS meeting. Orlando, Florida.
    We were present in this meeting, in order to promote successfully with M.Ganem the XV World Congress of Sexology, Paris, June 24, 2001.

  17. Task Force on Homosexuality Declaration.
    Prof Ahmed Okasha is the chair of a task force with John Cox,Harold Eist,Eduardo Gastelumendi, Ruben Hernandez and Felice Lieh Mark as members.
    This is a draft already in study for presentation to WPA Societies.(enclosed)

  18. I CONGRESO VIRTUAL DE SEXOLOGIA Y EDUCACION SEXUAL HISPANOAMERICANA. Under the Presidency of J.M. Gonzalez , Barranquilla, Colombia the presentations of papers were presented. We hope to achieve the success of new technologies in the field and to promote Sexology by any means in a scientific way A Lecture on Paraphilias is included.

    A paper Psychiatry and Sexual Health is in preparation with the co-authorship of Ruben Hernandez , Andres Flores Colombino and Rafael Garcia.

    Prof Okasha and Said Abdel Azim were hosts in El Cairo, in preparation for a WPA Regional Symposium in 2001.

  21. So many local activities were held.
    Ruben Hernandez finished his re-elected term as Vice-President Council Man in El Hatillo , Caracas, and will have even more time for Psychiatry and Sexology.




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