2001 Report

The Psychiatry and Human Sexuality Section from WPA share with the Section on Classification, the highest visibility among more than 50 others.

Professors Azim and Pacheco-Palha with the signer constitutes a very good team, working in an interdependence model which has been very successful.

Our main task is to finalize the SEXUAL HEALTH EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM, which already has a Knowledge Base of 1500 pages after many scientific discussions in the group carrying out this task. Several workshops and presentations were very well attended. We are polishing the final manuscript, and we hope to publish this draft in this year 2002.

We were very active and present in:

  1. X VENEZUELAN CONGRESS OF SEXOLOGY. 300 persons were expected, but 600 registered for this warming up Congress in preparation for the XI CLASSES , Latinamerican Congress of Sexology and Sex Educacion , to be held in Margarita Island
    October 2002. Irwin Goldstein ,Lucia Nader, Michael Metz , Ricardo Munarriz and Mariela Castro , President of the XVI World Congress of Sexology CUBA 2003 , were special guests.
  2. Workshop in New York February 1-4.
  3. Prof Pacheco-Palha hosted the Symposium on Female Sexuality in Porto,Portugal. R.Taylor and Kathleen Segraves, Donna Stewart and Ruben Hernandez were special guests.
  4. III CUBAN CONGRESS OF SEXOLOGY AND SEX EDUCATION, held in La Habana,CUBA. Eli Coleman, Eusebio Rubio, Esther Corona, JM Gonzalez ,Aminta Parra and Ruben Hernandez were special guests.Several meetings in preparation for CUBA 2003 were held.
  5. LATIN AMERICAN CONGRESS OF NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY , held in Caracas dedicated a complete day to Sexual Health Issues. Ricardo Munarriz, Aminta Parra , Isbelia Segnini ,Romulo Aponte , Luisa H Valdivieso and Ruben Hernandez were the main speakers.
  6. AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION , Annual Meeting in New Orleans was very successful. Sexual Topics were included as usual. Barbara Bartlik, Ruth Westheimer, Said Abdel Azim, Antonio Pacheco Palha, Juan E Mezzich , Carlos E Berganza and Ruben Hernandez were there in many events, Symposia and working groups . Quality of Life, Alcoholism. Sex and Aging were special topics.
  7. A double blind study with Fentolamine ,with a sample of 120 patiens was finally completed with psychiatric,sexological and urological evaluations fully carried out.
    The results are so good that several papers will come out.Novartis is sponsoring this project.
  8. XV WORLDCONGRESS OF SEXOLOGY. June in Paris, received more than 3000 persons from many fields in a very successful event with representation from many organizations. The WPA Symposium with Prof Mezzich, Pacheco-Palha, Roca, Mir Adams and Ruben Hernandez were speakers. Prof Azim was in a Plennary Session from WHO.
  9. The World Congress on Penitentiary Medicine was held in Pisa,Italy. Prof Hernandez finished his term as President of the ICPMS. Prof F.Ceraudo was confirmed as new President. A paper on Sexuality in Prison was presented. This field is a complete virgin topic to be developed scientifically .
  10. WORLD ASSEMBLY FOR MENTAL HEALTH. held in Vancouver with more than 3000 participants. Professor C Roy was the main organizer. A Symposium on Sexual Health was very successful with the participation of Prof Oakley Ray , Prof Donald West and Prof Ruben Hernandez. An Assembly with Ministers of Health also was very important.
  11. CONGRESO INTERNACIONAL SOBRE DERECHO MEDICO, held in Caracas was also successful. Several papers on Forensic Psychiatry, Aids and other health issues were presented.
  12. The World changed in SEPTEMBER 11th . It is so adventurous to predict what will happen in the future, but there will be so many changes in our way of life after that.
  13. INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PSYCHIATRY , Madrid. Despite the fear and paranoia this Congress was successfully completed with very few cancellations. Our Workshop on the SHEP was carried out with participation of Rafael Garcia, Antonio Pacheco-Palha, Said Abdel Azim, Fernando Bianco and several guests from Spain : Miguel Roca, Francisco Cabello, Angel Montejo , Leon Mir, Maria Perez C y Juan J Borras. A very interesting discussion on case presentation was carried out .
    The same group with Prof JE Mezzich also presented a very well attended Symposium.
  14. X COLOMBIAN CONGRESS OF SEXOLOGY, in Cartagena de Indias. More than 800 participants meet in this Unesco city. A Special Lecture on the Good of Sex opened the Second Day of the Congress. Mary Londono, Francisco Cabello and Ruben Hernandez were special guests.
  15. ASOCIACION LATINOAMERICANA DE MODIFICACION DE CONDUCTA.ALAMOC in Lima held the biannual Congress. Again workshop and Lectures on Sexual Health topic were very successful. Juan J Moles, Luis Perez F, Rene Calderon, Luz de Perez y Ruben Hernandez make the presentations.
  16. WPA REGIONAL SYMPOSIUM + APAL Congress in Cancun, Mexico. Again more than 3000 participants in a marvelous environment. A Course and a Symposium with Prof JE Mezzich, C Berganza , E Rubio , V. Molina and Ruben Hernandez were main speakers.
  17. WORKSHOP on SHEP , by the Editorial group met in NYC November 30-December 2. The Knowledge Base is almost ready.
  18. REUNION NEOESPARTANA DE SEXOLOGIA. In the Universidad de Oriente we completed a full two days Course on Sexual Education topics , in preparation also for Margarita 2002. People there is highly motivated. We prepare a Calendar of Events for 2002. It seem even more active than 2001. The Highway is there. We must go , and peacefully in an interdependent world.
    Respectfully submitted




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