2002 Report

The Chair of this section, Rubén Hernández-Serrano, has sent this report

The Section officers Professors Ruben Hernandez-Serrano, Said Abdel Azim and Antonio Pacheco-Palha were many times together planning activities for our Section.

We were very satisfied with the WPA recognition of the most visible Section of our WPA together with the Classification Section.

The year started so well with the organization of the WPA International Symposium on Sharm El- Sheik, Egypt. Professor Azim was the Chair of this highly qualified scientific event and Professor Okasha was a very special host. Dr Tarek Gawad with a young team of psychiatrists including Radwa Azim did a remarkable job. The whole WPA EC were present and the attendance of arab psychiatrist also were significant.
Our Symposium on Sexual Health Issues was very well attended and created stimulating scientific controversies that will estimulate scientific research in the area.

A visit to St. Catherine Monastery in the middle of Sinai Peninsula was unforgettable thanks to Prof Christodolou.

Thanks to this intervention, Professor Hernandez was invited to Istambul, Tutkey. Professor Arsalyus Kayir and Dr Levent Kuey were our main hosts. Professors A.Grazziotini and B.Whipple were also the main key-note speakers. Istambul is a lovely city with too much to offer to Human Sexuality and in the conjuction of Europe and Asia, a geopolitical good factor for future meetings.

Prof. Hernandez visited Montevideo, Uruguay, were Olga E. Vazquez prepared a very succseful visit with 3 TV Programs, 3 Press Interviews and a Joint Session of the Uruguayan Societies with 2 Social Activities, Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata, Argentina and Sao Paulo. A workshop and a Simposium on Treatment of sex Offenders were very well attended and we produced the DECLARACION DE MAR DEL PLATA.
A visit to Lima, Peru followed to discuss new vasoactive drugs, and the positive resolution of dates conflict with the Peruvian WPA International Symposiun (now October 2-5) and the XI. Latinamerican Congress of Sexology and Sex Education Societies.(October 9-12) is highlighted.

The American Psychiatric Association in Philadelphia again congregate members of our Section, and during several meetings we planned new activities for the next triennium. We discussed with Prof Mezzich and Berganza the state of the WPA Sexual Health Educational Program, now in the final stage of edition. Prof Pacheco Palha attended the meeting of the European Federation of Sexology and was elected Vice-President.

The attendance of the World Congress of the CINP, Montreal 2002 was also a good opportunity to meet with members of our Section. The work of Prof Oakley Ray must be recognized.

New York, again received us in a pre-final meeting of the Editorial group of the WPA SHEP. 3 days of full work almost finalized the work for the revision of the Education Committee.

A workshop in Aruba followed establishing very good relationships with the Urologist, which in an interdependence model will attend the XI CLASSES, in Margarita Island next October.

Guayaquil, the city where Bolivar and San Martin met , was the venue for the III Ecuatorian Congress of Sexology and Sex Education. The Opening Lecture and 2 Symposia were our main activities there. Drs F.Bianco and A,Parra and myself met with the FLASSES EC and reviewed the Scientific Program for the XI CLASSES.

And the we come the to this XII WORLD CONGRESS OF PSYCHIATRY, in Yokohama .

A place very well known to us because there we celebrated also the XII World Congress of Sexology in l995.

2 Symposia:

Hernandez, Garcia, Ng, Chowdhury and Ray

ACADEMIC SEXOLOGY: Facts, Realities and Research

And a Course
Berganza, Balon, Seagraves, Azim and Hernandez

A visit to the Program is a must. wwww.wpa2002yokohama.org

We must thank the EC for the support given to us, specially to Prof Juan E Mezzich.


  1. September 10-14, Vienna, Austria. I A Treatment Sex Offenders Conference
    Prof. Reinhard Eher
  2. September 15-18, Prague, Czech Republic, Post IATSO Conference
    Prof. Ondrej Trojan
  3. September 19-21, Caracas,Venezuela Red Sociedades Cientificas de Venezuela
    Dr. Elda Giansante Caracas Hilton Hotel
  4. September 21-26, Montreal, Canada ISS Impotence Research.
    Dr. Sidney Glina
  5. October 2-5, Lima, Peru WPA Regional Meeting
    Dr. Dante Warthon warthon@amauta.rep.net.pe
    Dra Aminta Parra , www.lagunamar.com.ve
  7. October 31 - November 2, Guadalajara, Mexico Psiquiatria Transcultural y Transhistorica
    Prof. S. Villaseñor sjavier@cucs.udg.mx
  8. November 4-6, Caracas, Venezuela, II. Congreso Asoc Ven Derecho Medico
    Dr. R. Aguiar www.avedeme.com
  9. November 7-10, Montreal, Canada, SSSS 44th Annual Meeting
    Prof. B. Whipple www.sexscience.org
  10. November, Sevilla, Espana, Congreso Espa~ol de Sexologia
    Dr. F. Cabello www.iasexologia.com
  11. November 14-17, Singapore, 7th Asian Congreso of Sexology
    Dr. P. Ganesan Adaikan www.7acs.com




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