2003 Report

We must start this report with very sad news; Dr Gerard Valles, a distinguished member of our Section died on December 26th. He was an extraordinary person and founder of the French Society of Clinical Sexology and a Psychiatrist who worked so hard for our objectives. His advices will remain forever and his Personality and Legacy will inspire our lives.We must honor him.
During the year we kept communications with our long list of members and developed more stronger relationships with World Association for Sexology, WHO and many other related organizations.
We shared scientific activities in many events :

  1. IV CONGRESO ECUATORIANO DE SEXOLOGIA. Quito . A very successful event with a highly motivated audience, honored by special guests Cavalcanti, Balbina Lemos, Flores Colombino, and Hernandez-Serrano.
  2. XV WORLD CONGRESS OF SEXOLOGY. La Habana. We had the opportunity to open the Congress with the WPA Symposium. Mezzich,Berganza,Vasallo,Pacheco-Palha,Otero, Ravelo , Metz and Hernandez-Serrano as main speakers.
    Richard Green, Emil Ng and Hernandez-Serrano received the WAS Gold Medal in the Opening Ceremony for their Lifelong Activities in the field of Human Sexuality.
    All three are psychiatrists.
  3. AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION ANNUAL MEETING. San Francisco. All officers of the Section showed up. We keep very closed relationships with the APA, special minority groups. Pedro Ruiz was elected Vicepresident of this organization. We planned activities with Gene Nakajima, and all of them were there to recognize Ellen Mercer, for her outstanding hard work on International Psychiatry.
    This Conference opened the road for DSM V and ICD 11. We presented a Symposium on Paraphilias well attended, with Mezzich, Pacheco-Palha,Kjaer and Hernandez-Serrano
  5. II INTERNATIONAL WHO CONFERENCE ON ERECTIL DYSFUNCTION. PARIS. More than 1000 researchers attended this landmark Congress. The work of 10 Committees were presented and the topic of Female Sexuality will be on the top in years to come. Many psychiatrists and sexologists were active presenters.
  6. During the year, the launching of Tadalafil and Vardenafil, was so important for many scientific and promotional activities across the world.
  7. SOCIEDAD LATINOAMERICANA PARA LA ESTUDIO DE LA IMPOTENCIA SEXUAL Cartagena. This event chaired by Mauricio Delgado was very succesful too. The high quality of punctual presentations must be pointed out.
    Again, the sexological point of view in a mostly urologists atmosphere, was stressed.
  8. INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF PSYCHIATRY. Caracas. Depite the political crisis,more than 1200 participants. Dr Belfort put in scene a magnificent event.
    A Symposium on Classification of Sexual Disorders with Sira, Jaimes, Bianco and Hernandez was fully attended. A forensic discussion with Berganza,Lucatelli,Araujo,Sarache and Hernandez was a highlight with too many controversies discussed in a very academic view.
  9. I INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE RELIGION,SPIRITUALITY AND MENTAL HEALTH, St Cathertine Monastery, Sinai. Drs T.Okasha and T Gawad, presented also a landmark Conference with WHO support in a historic place. This Conference built a bridge of cooperation with many Institutions. The WAS Declaration on Human Sexual Rights (Valencia/ HK ) was presented.
  10. CONGRESO ESPANOL DE PSIQUIATRIA. Palma ,Mallorca. Under the chair of Prof. Miguel Roca, we presented a Symposium on ADVANCES in SEX THERAPY ; Bobes, Navarro and Hernandez-Serrano as main speakers. Very good response.
  11. XIV SIMPOSIUM ON LEGAL MEDICINE. Guayaquil. This city adds to the list. We were received and honored by the Mayor of Guayaqul Dr Jaime Nebot.
    Profesor Vasconez presented again a highly motivated Symposium.
  12. INSTALACION SOLEMNE DE LA ACADEMIA INTERNATIONAL DE SEXOLOGIA MEDICA.San Salvador Bahia. This was a 100 % participation of 18 University Professors: Gindin, Kustnetzoff, Cavalcanti, Glina, Pereira, Leyva,Pino, Sepulveda, Flores, Delgado, Llanos de Ordonez, Borras, Diaz Morfa, Cabello, Navarro, Pacheco-Palha, Bianco y Hernandez were present in a Symposium for Brazil and the discusión of our I Consensus on Premature Ejaculation. Cavalcanti organized the event perfectly and we received our Credentials from Ambassadors of each country.
  13. FORUM ON VIOLENCE PREVENTION. Caracas with support of the US Embassy and the Episcopal Conference, we presented 3 papers on Sexual, Domestic and Political Violence, a topic extremely important for the todays’s world.
    Professors Said Azim and Pacheco Palha joined us in neuropsychopharmacological and drug addiction conferences.
    Participation in various research protocols were very significant.
    Finally the WPA Sexual Health Educational Project is in the final version and will be published in 2004. The Calendar of Events for this new year is full of scientific activities.
    We are proud of our Section’ s work. This is just a very brief summary.

You have the Calendar of Events 2004.
And for 2005 , MONTREAL, World Congress of Sexology
ATHENS, Advances in Psychiatry
CAIRO , World Congress of Psychiatry




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