CHAIR: Danuta Wasserman
Address: National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention of Mental Ill-Health (NASP) Karolinska Institute  Granits väg 4 171 65 Stockholm Sweden 
Phone: 46 8 5248 6935
Fax: 46 8 30 64 39
E-mail: danuta.wasserman@ki.se
Alec Roy
Address: VA Medical Centre Psychiatry Service  385, Tremont Avenue East Orange, NJ 07018-1095 United States of America
Phone: 1 973 676 1000 Ext. 2594
E-mail: alec.roy@va.gov
SECRETARY GENERAL: Marco Sarchiapone
Address: University of Molise, Via De Sanctis, 86100 Campobasso, Italy
Phone: 390 3204795630
Fax: 390 0662276566
E-mail: marco.sarchiapone@me.com

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Relation of Genes Regulating the HPA-axis to Major Depression and Suicidality; Novel Findings

Permanent Award entitled to Prof. Sergio De Risio

Section Activities, years 2006-2007

  • Year 2006
    Section Board Meetings:
    • Paris, 2nd Feb 2006 (Xeme Journees Nationel pour la Prevention du Suicide)
    • Madrid, 21st Mar 2006 (Juan J. López Ibor WPA Centennial Congress)
    Participation to WPA Congress “Juan J. López Ibor WPA Centennial Congress”, 19th-21st April:
    • Symposium on “Genetics and Suicidal Behaviour - Contemporary Issues in Suicidology”, Chairpersons: J.P. Soubrier, D. Wasserman; Discussants: D. Wasserman, E. Baca García, P. Saiz, M. Sarchiapone, P. Courtet, A. Marusic.
    • Symposium on “Religion and Suicide“, Chairperson : H. van Praag; Discussants: A. Okasha, P. J. Verhagen, A. Apter, H. van Praag, J.P. Soubrier.
    WPA Section on Suicidology Newsletters:
    • April 2006
    • December 2006
    Approval by WPA Executive Committe of the establishment of the De Risio Award

  • Year 2007
    Section Board Meeting:
    • Paris, 5th Feb 2007 (Onzieme Journees Nationales pour la Prevention du Suicide)
  • Planned Activities for 2007
    • Participation to Congresses and Conferences:
    • First International Mental Health Meeting on Self Destructive Behaviors, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, postponed to 27th – 28th June.
    • International Workshop of Strategies to Prevent Suicide (STOPS) Helsinki,15th -17th June, organized by Suicide Prevention International (SPI).

Suicide Prevention

Contributions from other members of the Section:

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