The case of the Turkish Psychiatrist Dr. Alp Ayan - Information Note, 27 October 2003

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The trial against the human rights defenders Dr. Alp Ayan ve Ecevit Piroglu opened on the ground of the Article 2911 of the Turkish Penal Code heard at the Izmir Penal Court of First Instance No. 8 on 27 October 2003 at 09:55 am.

It is known that various trials opened against numerous human rights defenders, most of whom were the representatives and executives of organizations, by reason of the press statements and protest demonstrations in response to the prison operations in December 2000, and human rights violations taking place in the F-Type prisons during the forthcoming period. Some of these trials have been opened on the ground of the Article 2911 of the Turkish Penal Code, that is on charge of violating the Law on Meeting and Demonstration Marches. Opened on the ground of that article, almost all of the nearly 100 trials resulted in the acquittal of the defendants. However, during the last hearing of this trial, the authorities of the prosecution office claimed Dr. Alp Ayan and Ecevit Piroglu to be sentenced.

As to today’s hearing, Dr. Alp Ayan and his lawyer Zeynep Sedef Özdoğan made their defenses. The written two defenses lodged basically argued that: “The press statement was made in order to raise sensitivity during the period when the F-Type prisons started to be implemented; this press statement was nothing more that utilization of a democratic right via peaceful means; the participants of the statement dissipated without any event after the meeting and this can also be observed in the minutes of the security officials; therefore, the event was not related with the violation of the Article 2911 of the Turkish Penal Code”. Besides, lawyer Özdoğan demanded the acquittal of Dr. Alp Ayan by stating that different opinions on the ones on trial and the ones who participated in the same action cannot be regarded legal and this situation violates the principle of equality. The court committee adjourned the hearing to 29 January 2004 at 09:20 am in order to take the defense of the defendant Ecevit Piroglu and his lawyer, who were not present at the hearing, and to examine the written defense lodged.

The following persons attended the hearing for observation and solidarity:

  • Dr. Waltraud Wirtgen, Amnesty International (AI)-Refugio (Medical Group and Solidarity and Treatment Center for the Refugees and Victims of Torture) - Germany
  • Dr. Gisela Penteker, International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War (IPPNW)-Germany
  • Prof. Dr. Veli Lök, HRFT-Izmir Representative
    Yavuz  Önen
    Chairman of the HRFT




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