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Regional Conference 10-12 June 2010 St. Petersburg, Russia

Final Timetable of The Congress

Traditions and Innovations in Psychiatry

We are pleased to invite psychiatrists from all over the world to St. Petersburg to take part in the WPA Regional Congress on 10-12 June of 2010. The title of the Congress “Traditions and Innovations in Psychiatry” appeals to the rich experience of European Psychiatry and new contributions from different parts of the world.  The new approaches appearing in different countries try to use replicable results and conceptualizations. The last years we notice the renewed interest to the traditions of Russian Psychiatry which are connected with well known names of S. Korsakov, P. Gannushkin, V. Bekhterev. 

St Petersburg is not only a world famous tourist and cultural place, but also one of declared centre of psychiatric ideas. Nowadays  St Petersburg gives the example of reforming in the system of mental health care grounded on the best European and Russian traditions and new world advances in psychiatry, clinical psychology, neurosciences. It is the optimal conjunction of evidence based data and conceptual approaches that could make the system of psychiatric care more reproducible and theoretically substantiated.

Russian Psychiatric community is cordially welcoming guests and we look forward to greeting you in St Petersburg, the North Capital of Russia.

Prof. Valery Krasnov
President of the Russian Society of Psychiatrists
(; Fax: +7 495 963-76-24)

Abstracts are to be sent to the Organizing Committee by E-mail to:

Contact person: Manichev Andrei (

Accomodation: Smirnov Evgeny (




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