March 2010
Meeting Guidelines and Resources

One of the main goals of the WPA is to facilitate communication among psychiatrists and between them and others involved in mental health training, research and service provision. In pursuing this goal, the WPA has established a publication program, produces educational programs and supports or organizes meetings including:

   1. World Congresses of Psychiatry: this was the very first activity of the WPA in the early 50’s and still remains one of its most important tasks.
   2. WPA International Congresses
   3. WPA Regional Congresses
   4. WPA Regional Meetings
   5. WPA Section Meetings
   6. WPA Thematic Conferences

WPA is also co-sponsoring meetings organized by other organizations.

Publication of Proceedings
The Organizing Committee may wish to arrange for publication of the proceedings. The copyright of any such publication belongs to the WPA. Any request for publication other than that must be submitted through the WPA by the Secretary for Publications and the Secretary for Meetings.

WPA recommendations on the details of organising meetings are under review and we will provide information on request




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