March 2010
Pre-Congress Information
International Congress, 1-5 September 2010, Beijing, China - "Global Psychiatry at the Frontier: Sharing the Future"

WPA International Congress, 1-5 September 2010, Beijing, ChinaWe are greatly honored to cordially invite you to attend and participate in the World Psychiatric Association (WPA) International Congress which will be held in Beijing, China from 1 to 5 September 2010, hosted by the Capital Medical University (CMU) and the Chinese Society of Psychiatry (CSP).

The theme of the Congress will be "Global psychiatry at the frontier: sharing the future".
You can visit the congress website by following this link:

The International Congress in Beijing will be sponsored by the WPA, which aims to encourage the highest possible standards of clinical practice, to increase knowledge and skills about mental disorders and how they can be prevented and treated, to promote mental health, to promote the highest possible ethical standards in psychiatric work, to disseminate knowledge about evidence-based therapies and values-based practice, to be a voice for the dignity and human rights of the patients and their families, and to uphold the rights of psychiatrists and to facilitate communication and assistance especially to psychiatric societies which are isolated or whose members work in impoverished circumstances.
WPA International Congress, 1-5 September 2010, Beijing, China
Currently, the WPA has 135 member societies from 117 different countries, representing over 200,000 psychiatrists worldwide. The WPA has 65 scientific sections, whose mission is to spread knowledge in the field of psychiatry and promote academic communication and collaboration.

We will invite internationally renowned experts in the field of psychiatry and mental health to give plenary and keynote lectures as well as symposia and workshops representing different fields of psychiatry and related disciplines.

WPA International Congress, 1-5 September 2010, Beijing, ChinaThe Congress will be held in the Capital of China - Beijing, the host of the 2008 Olympics, well-known worldwide as a historical and cultural city.

We hope that you will be able to join us during the golden autumn of 2010 in Beijing, China to attend and participate in the scientific programme as well as visiting the world cultural heritage during or after the Congress, like the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, the Summer Palace and the Ming Tombs as well as many other attractions.

Cordial regards,

Prof. Mario Maj              
WPA President

Prof. Xiaomin Wang
Vice Dean of Capital Medical University

Prof. Zhou Dongfeng
CSP Past-President

>> Please click here to see the list of invited speakers


- Chairpersons: Tarek Okasha (Egypt), Secretary for Meetings of the World Psychiatric Association, Xin Ma (China), President of Beijing Anding Hospital, Capital Medical University

- Vice Chairpersons: Levent Kuey (Turkey), Secretary General of the World Psychiatric Association, Xiangqun Wang(China), Secretary General of the Chinese Society of Psychiatry

- Secretary General: Gang Wang (China), Assistant to the President of Beijing Anding Hospital, Capital Medical University


- Chairpersons: Pedro Ruiz (USA), President-Elect of the World Psychiatric Association, Mingyuan Zhang (China), Honorary Chairperson of the Chinese Society of Psychiatry

- Vice Chairpersons: Edmond H.Pi (USA), Director of Clinical Psychiatry of the University of Southern California, Jingping Zhao (China), Vice Chairman of the Chinese Society of Psychiatry

- Secretary General: Zhanjiang Li (China), Vice President of Beijing Anding Hospital, Capital Medical University


Congress website:
Secretariat of the organizing committee contact persons: Miss Yue Li, Miss Lu Zhuang
Phone: +86-10-67772039
Fax: +86-10-67772050

Secretariat of academic committee contact person: Miss Junjuan Yan
Phone: +86-10-58303068
Fax: +86-10-58303069


1. Themes of papers

- A. Mental (conduct) Disorders
A01. Mood disorders
A02. Anxiety disorders
A03. Child and adolescent mental disorders
A04. Senile dementia and related cognitive disorders
A05. Developmental psychopathology
A06. Dissociation and somatization disorders
A07. Eating disorders
A08. Mental retardation
A09. Personality disorders
A10. Schizophrenia and other psychiatric disorders
A11. Sleep disorders
A12. Substance abuse
A13. Suicide
A14. Other disorders

- B. General Medicine and Psychiatry
B01. Biological psychiatry
B02. Genetic psychiatry
B03. Neuroimaging in psychiatry
B04. Neuropsychiatric electrophysiology
B05. Consultation-liaison psychiatry
B06. Other topics

- C. Pharmacotherapy
C01. Basic research in psychopharmacology
C02. New psychotropic drug development and testing
C03. Monitoring and treatment on the side effect of antipsychotic
C04. Pharmacotherapy for anxiety disorders
C05. Pharmacotherapy for mood disorders
C06. Pharmacotherapy for schizophrenia
C07. Other related topics

- D. Psychotherapy and Rehabilitation
D01. Psychoanalysis/psychodynamic psychotherapy
D02. Cognitive-behavioral therapy
D03. Family/couple therapy
D04. Child and adolescent psychotherapy
D05. Psychotherapy with oriental characteristics
D06. Mental rehabilitation
D07. Other topics

- E. In particular areas of interest
E01. Diagnosis and classification
E02. Emergency psychiatry
E03. Psychiatric ethics
E04. Forensic psychiatry
E05. Cross-cultural psychiatry
E06. History of psychiatry
E07. Mental health policy
E08. Disaster and mental health
E09. Prevention and health promotion
E10. Art and mental health
E11. Other topics

2. Submission of abstracts

  • Abstracts should be sent by e-mail to the academic committee on the congress website
  • Abstracts should be submitted in English. They should be no longer than 400 words. No figure or table can be included.
  • The first line of the abstract should contain the title (capitalized); the second line should include the first name and the family name of each author; the third line should contain the affiliation(s) of the authors.
  • Below the text of the abstract, please provide the following information on the presenting author: family name, first name, ordinary mail address and postal code, phone and fax number, e-mail address (important).
  • Please submit the abstract, including the aim, method, result and conclusion.
  • Please specify the type of session for which your contribution is proposed (symposia or workshops).
  • Deadline for submission: 31st May, 2010
  • Please register first and submit your paper through the internet in light of the procedures on the website. You have the privilege to change it before formal submitting. Once you click the “submit”, then the abstract will be sent to the academic committee, and nothing could be changed. Please make sure that the title of the paper, the author, the correspondence address and e-mail, the words and the data of the abstract are correct.

One paper should be only submitted to one topic as mentioned above.




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