March 2010
WPA Regional Meeting, 26-28 January 2011, Cairo, Egypt

WPA Regional Meeting, 26-28 January 2011, Cairo, EgyptMental disorders were known to Ancient Egyptians 5000 years ago. In spite of the mystical beliefs, psychiatric patients were cared for, and treated as were those with physical ailments; for example mental disorders were known as an integral part of heart and uterine disorders. Mental disorders were one entity in Pharonic Egypt.

The theme of this WPA Regional meeting to be held in Cairo, Egypt is "Co-morbidity between mental and physical disorders" which reflects one of the focuses of the WPA in this trienniums action plan. The meeting objective is to increase awareness to all mental health professionals about the high co-occurrence of mental and physical disorders and the strategy for early detection, intervention and management.

You are welcome in Egypt to be partners in the scientific program as well as to enjoy the heritage of Egypt.

Contact person: Prof. Tarek Okasha
Fax: +202 29200908

The River Nile

Abou Simbel Temple in upper Egypt




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