March 2010
WPA Regional Meeting, 14-17 April 2011, Yerevan, Armenia

View of Mount Ararat as seen from Erivan and where, according to the Bible, Noah‘s Ark came to rest.Mental Health (MH) professionals from all over the world are warmly invited to Yerevan, under the majestic view of Biblical Ararat. During April you could enjoy the blossom of apricots and cherries in Yerevan and after an hour drive experience fantastic snowcapped mountains.

The scientific programme includes: Current issues of MH and specifics of transitional period; Traditional and contemporary MH Problems; MH in Public Health; Manmade and natural disasters and MH; Treatment in Psychiatry; Human and Ethical issues in Psychiatry and Affective Disorders.

Internationally recognized keynote speakers are also invited.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy nature of Armenia, to be acquainted with the cultural heritage of one of the ancient civilizations and experience Armenian hospitality.

Organizing Committee: Armenian Psychiatric Association, Armenian Medical Association
Contact person: Armen Soghoyan




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