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XIII. World Congress of Psychiatry in Cairo, Egypt, 2005 - "5000 Years of Science and Care"

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The 13th World Congress of Psychiatry was held in Cairo, Egypt from 10-15 September 2005. This was the first time in the 55 year history of the WPA that the World Congress of Psychiatry was held in the African continent, in the Middle East and in Egypt.

In this congress there were more than 6000 registrations from 119 different countries. The opening ceremony was attended by around 2,900 participants, which included the delivery of the Jean Delay Prize, the WPA Okasha Award for Developing Countries and the Geneva Prize For Human Rights In Psychiatry.

This was followed by the opening plenary lecture by Prof. Ahmed Okasha WPA President entitled “Mental Disorders and Care in Egyptian History from Pharaonic to Islamic Eras” followed by a musical presentation and an open air welcome reception.
The General Assembly was attended by the presidents and representatives of 108 Member societies which was one of the highest attendances.

Regarding country representation in the congress (countries with more than 100 delegates there were 676 delegates from Egypt, 317 from India, 196 from Spain, 176 from USA, 175 from United Kingdom, 142 from Turkey, 142 from Portugal, 139 from Canada, 138 from Belgium, 137 from France, 132 from Greece and 104 from Saudi Arabia.

The African continent for the first time in any WPA World Congress was represented by 16 countries  (Algeria – Egypt - Eritrea – Ethiopia – Ghana – Kenya – Libya – Morocco – Nigeria – Niger – Rwanda – South Africa – Sudan – Tunisia – Uganda – Zambia).

From the scientific aspect there were 3,500 scientific submissions with 115 scientific sessions, 256 symposia presented by the most eminent psychiatrists researchers and scholars fro around the world including the Prof. Ahmed Zowail the Egyptian Nobel Laureate for physics as well as 850 poster presentations.

> Jean Delay Prize 2005

> WPA Okasha Awards for Developing Countries

> Foundation "Geneva Prize for Human Rights in Psychiatry"

> Closing Ceremony 2005




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