Research Projects conducted by Scientific Sections and funded by the WPA

The WPA issued a call for proposals of research projects to be conducted by its Scientific Sections.

The projects had to deal with one of the following issues highlighted in the WPA Action Plan 2008-2011:

  1. Depression in persons with physical diseases.
  2. Stigmatization of psychiatry and psychiatrists.
  3. Integration of mental health care into primary care.
  4. Protection and promotion of physical health in persons with severe mental disorders.
  5. Assessment and development of talents and strengths of persons with mental disorders.

The deadline for submission was June 30, 2009.

Fourteen submissions were received. They were evaluated by a committee including M. Maj, S. Kasper, L. Kuey and N. Shinfuku.

The two projects receiving the highest score were the following:

  1. Stigmatization of psychiatry and psychiatrists. An international control-group study”, submitted by the Sections on Schizophrenia, Stigma and Mental Illness, and Forensic Psychiatry;
  2. A cross-national multi-center study of depression, demoralization and functional impairment in cancer patients”, submitted by the Section on Transcultural Psychiatry.

These projects are now ongoing, funded by the WPA.




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