November 2010
Progress Update (November 2010)
International Study on Student Career Choice in Psychiatry

Hosted by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, U.K.

Funded by a Grant from the World Psychiatric Association

In Partnership with the African Mental Health Foundation

The study has made exciting progress since receiving the WPA grant. We have been joined by the African Mental Health Foundation, led by Prof. David Ndetei, who will co-ordinate the African arm of the study. We have also been supported by the UK Medical Schools Council to run an expanded UK study, aiming to include 20 UK medical schools in an additional data arm. These additions to the project should help us form a much more complete picture of the recruitment situation around the world.

Each country has completed a local ethical approval process, and translated the study where necessary. The study is currently in the data collection stage, with student surveys live in the majority of countries, the current progress is summarised below:

AMHF* Countries David Ndetei Live
Brazil Jair Mari About to launch
Canada Karen Saperson Live
Chile Prof. Benjamin Vicente About to launch
Croatia Martina Rojnic Live
Czech Republic Alexander Nawka Live
France Olivier Andlauer Live
Germany Iris T. Calliess About to launch
Hong Kong Vanessa Wong About to launch
India Dr. PSVN Sharma / Dr. Deora Live
Iraq Rasoul Al Yasiri Live
Israel Eyal Dahan About to launch
Italy Silvia Ferrari Live
Japan Takahiro Kato Complete
South Africa Soraya Seedat Live
Switzerland François Ferrero Live
UK Neel Halder About to launch
USA Joan Anzia About to launch
















* Liberia, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi, South Africa (Limpopo)  

Dissemination of Results:
Abstracts have been submitted to the following:

  • WPA 2011, Buenos Ares
  • EPA 2011

Kitty Seed
Greg Lydall
Amit Malik
Rob Howard
Dinesh Bhugra





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