WHO - WPA Work Plan 2008 - 2011

1.  Revision of the ICD-10 chapter on mental and behavioural disorders

  • The WPA will be represented by its President in the Advisory Group for ICD-10 revision.
  • The WPA will facilitate resource mobilization for ICD-10 revision from sources that are acceptable to the WHO.
  • The WPA will provide aggregate inputs from its Member Societies towards the ICD-10 revision. This will be facilitated by one or more surveys conducted with the assistance of the WHO.
  • The WPA will collect information regarding national and regional adaptations and cultural aspects of classification for WHO’s consideration in the revision process.
  • The WPA will facilitate participation of its Member Societies in the ICD-11 field trials.
  • The WPA will provide the services of experts to the WHO during the drafting of the ICD-11.

2.  Collaboration in the mhGAP

  • The WPA will provide assistance to the WHO in the preparation of the mhGAP intervention packages, by making available experts to aggregate and evaluate evidence and its packaging, as needed.
  • The WPA will support the WHO in the country implementation of the mhGAP on a case by case basis.

3.  Partnership on mental health care in emergencies

  • The WPA and the WHO will co-organize in Geneva a train-the-trainers workshop on the prevention and management of the mental health and psychosocial consequences of disasters and conflicts according to the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Guidelines, with the participation of professionals from various regions.
  • Informed by the above-mentioned training, the WPA (with, where feasible, the close collaboration of WHO) will organize a series of workshops on the prevention and management of the mental health consequences of disasters and conflicts, on the occasion of major WPA meetings.
  • The WPA and the WHO will have a regular and structured collaboration in dealing with the mental health and psychosocial consequences of major disasters, following the model of the response to the Gaza emergency.

4.  Collaboration in the area of substance abuse

  • The WPA will collaborate with the WHO in the conduction of the Global Survey on Prevention and Treatment Resources for Substance Use Disorders (ATLAS Project).
  • The WPA will support the WHO in the dissemination and implementation of WHO normative and other documents regarding substance abuse.
  • The WPA will provide technical and programmatic input in the implementation of the joint UNODC-WHO programme on drug dependence treatment.

5.  Partnership on involvement of users and carers

  • The WHO will make available to the WPA its experience and access to its network of users and carers towards assisting the WPA in its project to draft guidelines about best practices in working with users and carers.




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