Collaboration of the WPA with the World Health Organization in the Revision of the ICD-10

The WPA and WHO leaderships have invited the WPA Member Societies and relevant Scientific Sections to participate in the process of revision of the chapter on mental and behavioural disorders of the ICD-10.

A letter has been sent to all Presidents of WPA Member Societies, proposing the following participation opportunities:

Systematic global survey of psychiatrists’ experiences and attitudes regarding ICD-10 and other classification systems;

  1. Generating and compiling specific proposals for ICD revision to be made on behalf of the Society;
  2. Nominating experts to participate in review of draft ICD materials;
  3. Holding consensus conferences on draft ICD revision;
  4. Conducting field trials of draft ICD revisions;
  5. Disseminating information to Society members about ICD revision and opportunities for individual participation.

At the same time, several relevant WPA Scientific Sections are being invited to contribute to the revision process.




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