February 2012
Meeting Report: World Psychiatric Association Regional Meeting in Kaohsiung 2011


Tomohiro Shirasaka1,2,6, Jane Pei-Chen Chang3,4,5,6

1Department of Neuropsychiatry School of Medicine Sapporo Medical University, Japan; 2Japanese Young Psychiatrists Organization (JYPO), 3Department of Psychiatry China Medical University Hospital, Taiwan; 4 Institute of Clinical Medicine, China Medical University, Taiwan; 5 Taiwan Young Psychiatrists Organization (TYPO); 6 Asian Federation of Early Career Psychiatrists Organization (AFECP)

We report the World Psychiatric Association Regional Meeting. This meeting was held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan from November, 3rd to 5th of 2011. The main theme of the meeting was “Asian mental health: Current and future prospective” It was a good opportunity for us to share the mental health promotion in Asia with different experts from all over the world.

President of the meeting was Prof Pedro Ruiz who was the WPA president and Director of the Congress was Cheng –Chung Chen, the president of Taiwanese Society of Psychiatry. The meeting was co-organized by the Taiwanese Society of Psychiatry. There are 505 participants who participated in the WPA regional meeting, and there are 9 Plenary Lectures and 28 Parallel Symposia.

We had a successful Early Career Psychiatrists Forum consist of 4 symposiums with themes focused on Postgraduate Psychiatric Training and Consensus on Diagnosis and Treatment of a Case Report. We had the participation of 22 young psychiatrists from 15 different countries including Taiwan, Japan, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Korea, UK, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Mongolia, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

Acknowledgements (listed alphabetically by country): Sally Chow (Australia); Kim Savuon (Cambodia); Yong Wang (China); Can Yang (China); Atsuo Nagakawa (Japan); Hitoshi Sakurai (Japan); Takeshi Yamasaki (Japan); Mak Kai Lok (Hong Kong);Yasir Rather (India); Hervita Diatri (Indonesia); Fransiska Kaligis (Indonesia); Sangmin Lee (Korea); Vincent Wong (Malaysia); Kalmkas Sultanbeck(Mongolia);Megan Chan (Singapore);Chung-Chieh Hung (Taiwan); Ming-yu Wang (Taiwan); David Yang (Taiwan); Li-Te Chiang (Taiwan); Yada Phongkanjana (Thailand); Kitty Farooq (UK); Phong Thai Than (Vietnam).

Welcome to the Early Career Psychiatrists


WPA President Professor Ruiz along with Professor Akiyama and Taiwanese Society of Psychiatry President Cheng-Chung Chen giving a warm welcome to the Early Career Psychiatrists.

Group photo at the end of first session of Early Career Psychiatrists Symposium


Group photo at the end of first session of Early Career Psychiatrists Symposium. A great success with the support of Prof Russell D'Souza, Prof Helen Miller and other respected professors.

Welcome dinner of WPA regional meeting.


Welcome dinner of WPA regional meeting.




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