May 2010
Information about a Young Psychiatrists' Meeting, taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania on 13-15 May 2010

(16th May, final day with social activities and departure)

The Swedish Eastern Europe Committé (SEEC/ÖEK) has for many years been involved in projects in Eastern Europe, and an effort has been made to address specifically needs and concerns of young psychiatrists. A grant from SIDA´s Baltic Sea Unit (Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency) made it possible to arrange for the first time an international meeting for young psychiatrists from the Baltic Sea Region, involving also Belarus through a prior collaboration with SEEC and many other Young Psychiatrists from eastern and western Europe and from trainee and young psychiatrist organisations such as European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees and WPA Early Career Council.

The focus of this meeting is to share educational experiences across Eastern and Western countries.  Topics in the programme include Neuropsychiatry, Addiction, use of diagnostic measures in Psychiatry, outcome measures in mental health services. There will be workshops (clinical topics, research oriented topics, workshops about possible future activities) and study visits. There will also be scheduled social events.

The organising committee consists of Young Psychiatrists from Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, the UK and Sweden, many of whom are also involved with European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees.

For more information please contact:
Jerker Hanson
Professor, Consultant Psychiatrist
Coordinator SEEC

Marie Bendix
Consultant Psychiatrist
WPA Early Career Council

More information can be found at:

The program of the Young Psychiatrists Meeting in Vilnius Lithuania


Martynas Andrijevskis et al.
08.30 - 09.00 Opening Tonny Andersen, Marie Bendix, Jerler Hanson, Bengt Lagerkvist et al.

09.00 - 09.30

Diagnostics, general views, ICD, DSM

Tonny Andersen

09.30 - 10.10

Diagnostic tool MINI

Jeanette Georgieva

10.10 - 10.30

Intermission / refreshments


10.30 - 11.10

Research on mental health policy in Eastern Europe (working title)

Ramon Pebenito Jr.

11.10 - 11.50

Diagnostics in Psychiatry with special emphasis on historical aspects and differences in practices

Arunas Germanavicius

11.50 - 12.30

Light lunch


12.30 - 13.50

Neuropsychiatry, overview

Linda Gjertsson, Tonny Andersen, Bengt Lagerkvist

13.50 - 14.10

Intermission / refreshments


14.10 - 14.40

ADHD and addiction

Jeanette Georgieva

14.40 - 15.20

Neuropsychiatry and addiction in Belarus

Olek Aisberg

15.20 - 15.50

Neuropsychiatry, research in Stockholm

Irina Manouilenko

15.50 - 17.00

Workshops in English (E) or Russian (R):

  • Neuropsychiatric cases (E)
  • Neuropsychiatric cases (R)
  • How to analyze articles (E)
  • How to analyze articles (R)
  • Use of MINI at home (E)


Tonny Andersen, Linda Gjertsson
Irina Manouilenko, Olga Paravaya, Oleg Aizberg
Arunas Germanavicius
Marija Rusaka
Jeanette Georgieva



Social activity, not formal

Martynas Andrijevskis




08.30 - 12.00

Study visits, several groups

Arunas Germanavicius, Martynas Andrijevskis et al.

12.00 - 13.00

Light lunch


13.00 - 14.40

Poster presentations / refreshments


14.40 - 15.30

Evaluation of Mental Health care, outcome measures

  • Benefits and pitfalls (treatment, registers, research, healthcare development)

Sameer Jauhar

15.30 - 17.00

No program yet. Spontaneous workshops in open air?



Social activity, a bit formal

Martynas Andrijevskis et al.




08.30 - 10.00

Workshops in English (E) or Russian (R):

  • Addiction, risky use, what to do? (R)
  • Outcome at home (E)
  • YP needs for education (R)
  • YP needs for education (E)

Oleg Aizberg
Sameer Jauhar
Olga Paravaya
Marie Bendix

10.00 - 10.20

Intermission / refreshments


10.20 - 11.50

Workshops in English (E) or Russian (R):

  • Future YP educational or research projects (R)
  • Future YP educational research projects (E)
  • International YP / trainee Cooperation (WPA-ECC, EFPT,…) (E)

Olga Paravaya
Sameer Jauhar
Marie Bendix, Piirika Piir

11.50 - 13.30

Light lunch

Belarussian groups final meeting valuation, diplomas, photo

Tonny Andersen, Bengt Lagerkvist, Jerker Hanson

13.30 - 15.00

Reports from all workshops in pleno

Tonny Andersen, Bengt Lagerkvist, Jerker Hanson, Marie Bendix...

15.00 - 15.20

Intermission / refreshments


15.20 - 16.30

Plenal discussions: future activity groups, Poster price reports to EFPT, WPA, Enmesh...



Free, hitherto

Martynas Andrijevskis



Sight-seeing, departures.





  • Aruna Germanivicius, MD, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Clinic of Psychiatry, Vilnius University, Lithuania
  • Bengt Lagerkvist, Professor, Umeå University Hospital, Sweden
  • Irina Manouilenko, MD, PhD Student Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Jeanette Georgieva, Professor, Addiction Centre, Karolinska University Hospital Solna, Sweden
  • Jerker Hanson, Professor, Coordinator SEEC, Senior Consultant, Södertälje, Sweden
  • Linda Gjertsson, Head Psychologist, Umeå University Hospital, Sweden
  • Marie Bendix, Consultant, Psychiatric Clinic, Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge, Sweden, WPA-Early Career Concil
  • Marija Rusaka MD, PhD Student, Riga Stradins University, Department of Psychiatry and Narcology, Riga, Latvia, President of Latvian Association of Psychiatric Trainees.
  • Martynas Andrijevskis, Consultant, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Oleg Aizberg, MD, PhD, Associated professor, Belarussian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Minsk, Belarus
  • Olga Paravaya, MD, Psychiatric Clinic, PhD student, Belarussian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Minsk, Belarus
  • Piirika Piir, MD, Tallinn, Estonia, WPA Early Career Council
  • Ramon Pebenito Jr., USA, Fullbright Student, Researcher on Mental Health Policy in Eastern Europe with Focus onto Lithuania, Associated at Clinic of Psychiatry, Vilnius University
  • Sameer Jauhar, MD, Senior Registrar, Edinburgh, UK, Head of EFPT Research Group
  • Tonny Andersén, Professor, Umeå University Hospital, Sweden




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