December 2015
Letter from the WPA President (1 December 2015)

Dear President, dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

You may recall that in my earlier communication I had mentioned that the WPA had set up a WPA-Lancet Commission on Psychiatry, the first ever to be set up by Lancet Psychiatry. These Commissions are major projects of about 20000 words on broad topics. The proposed Commission looks at the Future of Psychiatry, in collaboration with Lancet Psychiatry. Due for publication in the summer of 2016, the report will cover numerous aspects of what our profession might look like over the coming decades.

An important part of writing the report is to gather the thoughts of psychiatrists worldwide, using an online survey. We want to know your opinions on a range of issues, including what treatments psychiatrists should use, who they should work with, and what they should focus their efforts on in addition to seeing patients. Some of you were kind enough to give your time in Bucharest which enabled us to develop the questionnaire and the survey.

If you could spare 10 minutes to fill in the survey, we'd be very grateful. All responses will be kept anonymous.

The link is here:

We would also be grateful if you could circulate this to your departments, colleagues and members of your organisations as well as other stakeholders such as psychologists, nurses, patient organisations, social worker colleagues and others as you think fit. We will also be sending this out through other sources, so you might receive multiple requests, but I wanted to give you some background information.

I look forward to your help and assistance in exploring the future of our profession. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Best wishes.

Yours faithfully,

Dinesh Bhugra, CBE

President, World Psychiatric Association

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