March 2017

Dear Friends and Colleagues

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2017.

Following the successful launch of Bill of Rights for Individuals with mental illness, an Early Day Motion was placed in the House of Commons at Westminster Parliament supporting it.  61 organisations from around the globe have signed up to this. The Bill of Rights for Children is also available and please get your Association/Organisation to support both the Bills of Rights.  
These are available on WPA website.

As mentioned previously, complete details of the discrimination survey were published in a special issue of International Review of Psychiatry volume 28(4). The contents are available online.

WPA-Lancet commission on Psychiatry report is nearly complete. Copies of the report will be available in the World Congress in Berlin in October 2017.

WPA Position Statements on Perinatal and Maternal Mental Health and a separate one on Prisoner Mental Healthcare will be launched shortly. Please look out for these on the WPA web site.

After two successful round table meetings on violent radicalisation (hosted by the WPA Collaborating Centre in London) and another one on early Interventions in Psychiatry (hosted by Hong Kong College of Psychiatrists) the next Round Table on Migrant Mental Health will be held in Oslo, Norway later this month. Report from Africa Forum (held in Cape Town in November 2016) is being prepared and will be available soon.

The work on setting up Diploma in Psychological Medicine aimed at psychiatrists continues apace and we hope to launch it in June this year.

We are continuing to look for examples of good clinical practice around the world so that we can learn from each other. Please keep them coming.

Please check the web site regularly and get involved.

Best wishes

Dinesh Bhugra, CBE
President, World Psychiatric Association




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