September 2016

Dear Colleagues

The Second World Mind Matters Day approaches. This year we aim to launch  our findings from a global survey from 193 countries  on discrimination against persons with mental illness. The levels of discrimination are horrendous across the globe. Nearly one third countries do not allow people with mental illness to get married. Fewer countries provide supported employment or right to vote. WPA has produced a Bill of Rights which is obtainable from the Head office. Please read and sign your support.

WPA-Lancet commission on Psychiatry has completed its data analysis and six writing groups have been set to explore and discuss these findings. First draft of the report will be ready by end of September and full report will be published by Lancet Psychiatry early next year. 2016-2017 is the year of WPA campaigning for Social Justice for persons with mental illness. We are developing Bill of Rights for Children and young people and on Rights of those with intellectual disability. 

Several Position Statements have been launched including the mental health of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers; LGBT individuals and reasons to be a psychiatrist. World Psychiatry in the very near future will be bringing these out, please look out for them.

The work on setting up Diploma in Psychological Medicine aimed at psychiatrists continues apace and we hope to launch it next year. 

We are still looking for examples of good clinical practice so that we can learn from each other. Please keep them coming.

WPA has an International Congress in Cape Town from 18-22 November. Please put the dates in your diary. This will be an exciting conference with eminent speakers and range of symposia and workshops. I look forward to seeing you at the conference and hearing your thoughts. 

Please check the web site regularly and get involved.

Dinesh Bhugra, CBE
President, World Psychiatric Association




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