WPA Conference on Education in Latino America: Cuenca, Ecuador, February 8-11, 2017
08.02.2017 - 11.02.2017

Ecuador / Cuenca

WPA International Conference on Education in Latino America: Perspective in Education and Research. 
World Psychiatric Association (WPA)
Ecuadorian Society of Psychiatry
Educational Symposium / WPA Secretary for Education
Place: Cuenca, Ecuador. Dates: February 8-11. 2017
Organizer: Ecuadorian Society of Psychiatry.
Collaboration: WPA/WPA Secretariat of Education.
Contact persons: Dr. Leopoldo Abda E-mail: leopoldo.abad.teran@outlook.com
WPA Secretary for Education Prof Edgard Belfort belfort.ed@gmail.com

You are cordially invited! 

International Speakers
Dinesh Bhugra (UK),Helen Herrman (Australia), Roy Abraham Kallivayalil (India), Belfort Edgard (Venezuela),   Masatoshi Takeda (Japan). Michel Riba (USA), Armen  Soghoyan (Armenia).,Afzal Javed (Pakistan)Botbol Michel (France),López Ibor María (Spain),Roger Ng (Hong Kong), Ma Luz Querubin ( Philipines), Camarena Enrique (México), Gaviria Silvia (Colombia), Collazos Francisco (Spain) ,Quintero Javier (Spain), Marc Herman (Belgium) . Virginia Rosabal (Costa Rica), Freddy Pagnussat(Uruguay), Edwing Garcia(Honduras), Pedro Ruiz.(USA), Bulent Coskun( Turquia), Constantin Soldatos (Greece)

Some topics
Migration and Mental Health in the Universal Context, Psychosis and Patient Quality of Life . Mental Images in Bipolar Disorder, Psychiatric Patient Treatment: Family Role. Bipolar Disorder in Women.  Social Psychiatry and its Relevance to Public Mental Health. Migration and repercussion in cross-cultural psychiatry, ADHD: Clinical and Treatment, Dual pathology in children and adolescents: Perspectives.,  Promoting mental health in humanitarian emergencies: The role of psychiatrists, Use Biomarkers to maintain cognitive reserve in the elderly, Distress and Cancer, The processes of education and training in Mental Health: Opportunities, challenges and improvements, Social Discrimination against people whit Mental illness. Anxiety: evolution of the concept in the last hundred years, DSM V:New Version Contributions, Controversial and Future, Education & Research. Social Functioning &Financial Autonomy: An important Outcome in Schizophrenia,



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