November 2011
Greetings from new WPA Secretary for Education

Edgard BelfortDear Colleagues and Friends,

I am happy to inform you about my new position as Secretary for Education of the World Psychiatric Association. I would like to express my gratitude to all Member Societies of the WPA and their directors for their support which made this dream possible.

The proposed work plan of the Secretary for Education together with you as principal authors aims to promote the improvement of our people’s and citizens’ mental health regarding  not only specialists and mental health teams, but also to achieve the integration of family, institutions, groups and communities for a better understanding of mental health and, most especially, the education through the development of programs of action for the purpose of addressing the needs of patients and families in search of decent treatment, according to the preservation of human rights and a better quality of life for these vulnerable populations.

In this sense, I would appreciate receiving from you, comments and suggestions in the search for viable alternatives and opportunities in education.
Edgard Belfort




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