The Statutes of the International Society for the Organization of World Congresses, Paris 1950


  • Art. 1 - The corporation (hereinafter referred to as the Association) which is hereby formed in accordance with the French law of July 1, 1901, shall be named: The international Society for the Organization of the World Congresses of Psychiatry.
  • Art. 2 - The association is an international non-profit-making scientific society, whose purpose is to establish and maintain an organic connection between the World Congresses of Psychiatry which will be held every five years in the future.


  • Art. 3 - All Societies represented at the meeting of September 18, 1950 (Paris, Faculté de Medecine) are members of the Association where they act through appointed delegates. Applications of new societies must be approved by a decision of the General Assembly. Termination of membership may occur in the following cases:

    radiation pronounced by the council for default in payment of subscriptions or for activities uncompatible with the aim of the Association.


  • Art. 4 - A General Assembly shall meet by meantime of every World Congress, to appoint:

    A permanent Council of 13 members entitled to keep the records (archives) and to conclude agreements with the international bodies, especially UNESCO, dealing with all social, cultural or scientific problems in relation with psychiatry. This council shall be appointed up to the next General Assembly.

    An International Preparatory Committee to which the General Assembly may delegate its powers to decide about place and time of the next congress. Thereafter, the Committee shall appoint a National Organizing Committee in agreement whit the psychiatry societies of the country which shall be the seat of the next congress. The General Assembly may entrust the members of the Council as members of the International Preparatory Committee.
  • Art. 5 - The Permanent Council elected by the General Assembly shall constitute the bureau of the Association. It shall appoint by majority of its members a President, a Vice-President, a General Secretary, two Assistant General Secretaries and a Treasurer.
  • Art. 6 - The Permanent Council shall meet on the calling of the General Secretary or of the Assistant General Secretary in accordance with the President. One third of the members of the Council shall be deemed a quorum. Each member may authorize, when unable to attend, one of the other members of the Council to vote on his behalf during that session. The place and time at which any meeting shall be held, its purposes and the Agenda shall be specified in the notice calling the meeting. At least one month's notice of such a meeting shall be given to the members of the Council and they shall signify their intention to be present or absent within seven days on receipt of such notice. Meetings shall be recorded in minutes. The minutes shall be signed by the President and the General Secretary. They shall be put down in a register kept in accordance with the law.
  • Art. 7 - The General Assembly shall fix the rate of the subscription, which shall be due in advance on the first day of January in each year, or, in the case of member-associations joining during the year, from the date of joining. The Permanent Council shall be responsible for the managership of the resources of the Association. It shall submit to the Assembly for approval a report on the general state and proceedings of the Association for the past period, a Balance-Sheet, a Financial Statement and an estimate of the probable income and expenditure of the Association for the coming period. The Treasurer shall not pay any expense without previous approval of the President or another member of the Committee entrusted ad hoc. In case of absence of the President, the Vice-President shall be right replace him in his attributions and prerogatives. In case of absence of the General Secretary, one of the Assistant-General Secretaries shall fill the vacancy.
  • Art. 8 - The resources of the Association shall consist in:

    Subscriptions and contributions of member-associations;
    Subsidies which may be granted.
  • Art. 9 - Members of the Association shall receive no remuneration for the functions with which they are entrusted. But expenses incurred by members of the permanent Council in attending meetings of the Permanent Council may be defrayed by the Association.


  • Art. 10 - The articles of Association shall be modified only after the proposal of the Permanent Council or at the express request of 15 member-associations, noticed to the General Assembly one month before the session. Modifications shall not be pronounced unless by a General Assembly representing the majority of the members of the Association. Resolutions shall be taken by majority of the members present at such meeting.
  • Art. 11 - Dissolution of the Association shall be pronounced only by a General Assembly called together by the Permanent Council. A majority of two-third of the voting delegates shall be required.
  • Art 12 - In the event of dissolution, the General Assembly shall appoint one or more commissioners to carry out the liquidation of the resources of the Association; the net assets shall be assigned to one or more associations dealing with the same object.
  • Art 13 - The Permanent Council shall adopt its own rules of procedure. The General Assembly shall provide its own methods of dealing with such problems which may occur in the future.




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