Danubian Psychiatric Association (DPA)

Danubian Psychiatric Association (DPA)

Donauländischer Verein für Psychiatrie und ihre Grenzgebiete
c/o pro mente Oberösterreich, A-4020 Linz, Figulystraße 32
Tel. 0043/732/656103, Fax 0043/732/651321


The Danubian Psychiatric Association (DPA) was founded in 1964, is a bilateral organisation for organising Danube Symposia between Bratislava and Vienna. The DPA (16 member-countries) organises every other year a Danube Symposium of Psychiatry in various countries.
In 1990 3 research groups started aiming for an improvement of quality of life for psychiatric ill persons and for the disabled clinic patients.

  1. Psychiatric Care Systems
  2. Suicidology
  3. Census of Hospital Care of Psychiatry


Chairman: Doz. Prim. Dr. Werner Schöny (A)

Prof. Dr. Norman Sartorius (CH)
Dr. István Bitter (H)
Prof. Dr. Hans-Georg Zapotoczky (A)
Prof. Dr. Jiri Raboch (CZ)
Prof. Dr. Dipl.-Psych. Wulf Rössler (CH)
Dr. Petr Molcan (SK)

Prim. Dr. Elmar Windhager (A)
Dr. Roman J. Witkowski (D)

Dr. Monica Ienciu (RO)
Prof. Dr. Matyas Trixler (H)

Co-opt. Member: Prof. Dr. Miroslav Jakovljevic (CRO)

Prof. Dr .Ilona Huszar (H)
Doz. Dr. Oldrich Vinar (CZ)

Advisory Board:
Österreichische Gesellschaft für Neurologie und Psychiatrie, Sektion Psychiatrie
Russian Society of Psychiatrists
Psychiatric Association of Slovenia
Bulgarian Psychiatric Association
Wissenschaftliches Forschungsinstitut für allgemeine und gerichtliche Psychiatrie zu Kiev (WFI AGP)
Ukraine Scientific Society of Psychiatr./Neurolog./Narcolog.
All-Ukrainian Ass. of Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Hungarian Psychiatric Association
Czech Psychiatric Society: Raboch
Romanian Psychiatric Association
Psychiatrische Fachgesellschaft für Moldavien
Psychiatric Association Bosnia-Herzegovina
Yugosloav Psychiatric Association
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie, Psychotherapie und Nervenheilkunde
Croatian Psychiatric Association
Polish Psychiatric Association
Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie
Slovak Psychiatric Association

Honorary President: Prof. Dr. Gustav Hofmann

Honorary Members: Prof. Frater (H)
(since 8/94)      Prof. Hippius (D)
Prof. Spiel (A)
Prof. Vencovsky (CZ) (verstorben 01/1999)
Prof. Temkov (BG) (verstorben)

Committees: 3 research groups:
Psychiatric Care Systems: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Gustav Hofmann
Suicidology: Univ.-Doz. Prim. Dr. Werner Schöny
Census of Hospital Care of Psychiatry: Univ.-Doz. Prim.Dr. Hans Rittmannsberger


Organisation of Danube Symposia every other year in a different country. Seminars for the development of psychiatric reforms and legal prerequisites of health and social insurance systems.


Special quarterly journal: "Psychiatria Danubina": since 1989, edited in Zagreb, Croatia




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