Argentinean Association of Psychiatrists

Argentine Association of Psychiatrists

Paraguay 631 Pº 1 Dto. "B" CP 1057
Ciudad de Buenos Aires - Phone: 54-11-43130278

The Argentine Association of Psychiatrists was founded in October 27, 1972.

The main aim of our association is to difund the basic principles of psychiatry concerning assistance and clinical care, research, mental health education, public policies and relations with other related societies.


Executive Committee
  • President: Néstor F. Marchant
  • Vice-president: Alberto Monchablon Espinoza
  • Scientific Secretary: Marcelo Cetkovich-Bakmas
  • Secretary for International Affairs: Ricardo M. Corral
  • Secretary for Finances: Tito A. Rosan
  • Prosecretaries: Luis Biganzoli - Susana Caruso - Néstor Stingo
  • Board of Trusties: Roberto Yunes - Juan I. Varela - Daniel VIdal - Luis A. Semper - Silvia Casin
  • Director for publications: Hugo Marietán
The scientific arm of AAP is composed of Sections that cover the whole range of fundamental psychiatric topics from psychopathology, diagnosis and epidemiology, to biopsychosocial etiology of psychiatric illness, to pharmacological, psychological and social therapies, to educational, quality assurance, and public policy concerns.

The principal sections are:
Biological Psychiatry, Psycho-oncology, Psychoneuroendocrinology, Research Methods in Psychiatry, Pharmaco Psychiatry, Emergency Psychiatry, Psychiatric Rehabilitation, Informatics and Telecommunications in Psychiatry, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Forensic Psychiatry, Classification and Diagnostic Assessment, Clinical Psychopathology, Elderly Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Education in Psychiatry, Family research and intervention, Drug Dependency and Alcoholism, Psychiatry and Human Sexuality Psychiatry , Law and Ethics, Militar and Disaster Psychiatry, Epidemiology and Mental Health.
  • XIV International Congress of Psychiatry — September 24-27, 2007
  • VII International Congress of Psychiatry — October 18- 21, 2000
  • Master in Neuropsychopharmacology
    School of Medicine
    Institute for Health Science
    University of Barcelo
  • Carrer of Medical Specialists in Psychiatry
    School of Medicine
    National University of Buenos Aires
  • Annual course in Endogenous Psychosis Update
  • National Meetings of every section
  • Phychopharmacologycal phase IV studies for many pharmaceutical companies
    Seeding studies for national validation in the use of new drugs
  • Member of the national validation commitees for certification and recertification of psychiatrists
  • Alcmeon. Argentine Journal of Neuropsychiatry
  • Argentine Journal of Forensic Psychiatry, Human Sexuality and Praxis
  • Argentine Journal of Psychodinamic Psychiatry
  • Argentine Journal of Psychiatric Communications
  • Annual Journal of Abstracts of the International Congress held that year
  • Tratado de Psiquiatría. Marchant-Monchablon. 2 volumes. 2005




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