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Creation of the Centro Experimental de Psicocine (Psychocinema Experimental Center) due to the importance of Dr. Miguel Angel Materazzi's Psychocinema technique. Center's by-laws allow interdisciplinary assistance centers to be created.

Center's former name is switched to Centro de Investigacion Médicopsicologica de la Comunicacion - CIMP (Center for Medical-psychological Research on Communication). The CIMP is accepted as a Member Society of the WPA.

1996 to present
Owing to the multiple techniques and concepts inherent to the Psy realm that have been applied, resorted to, and worked on during all these years at CIMP, and by CIMP members as well, Dr. Materazzi applies to the WPA so that another change be approved -namely, the CIMP is now a foundation by the name of Fundacion para la Investigacion Interdisciplinaria de la Comunicacion-FINTECO (Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research on Communication), a non-profit organization. And the idea is, now, that not only psychiatrists and psychoanalists may join the foundation but also sociologists, philosophers, anthropologists, lawyers, and other professionals pertaining to related specialties. Complying, however, with the foundation by-laws, only 10% of such "different professionals" are accepted among members.

Formerly CIMP was, and now FINTECO is in charge of a post-graduate medical specialty (psychiatry) unit pertaining to the School of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires. Unit has two Buenos Aires-based venues: one at Hospital Dr. José T. Borda (The J.T. Borda Memorial Hospital), another at Instituto Lanari (The Lanari Institute).



Chair: Consultant Professor, Dr. Miguel-Angel Materazzi
Vice Chairperson: Prof. Ines-Josefina Puig (Ms)
Secretary General: Dr. Fabiana Materazzi (Ms)
Technical Secretary: Françoise J. Martins de Souza, a Certified English-French Translator (Ms)
Ethical Council Prof. Alfredo Buzzi, Prof. Vicente Mazzafero, Prof. Pedro Ruggero

Health Care Department: Prof. Rodolfo Perez
Bioethics Department: Lic.(*) Ester Cohen (Ms)
Research Department: Prof. Julio Villena-Aragon
Teaching Department: Prof. Ines-Josefina Puig (Ms)
Cultural Articulation Dept: Dr. Fabiana Materazzi (Ms)
Social Program Department: Dr. Dulce Suaya (Ms)

Inter-institutional Relationships Area: Dr. Roberto Garcia-Novarini
Health Care Policies Area: Dr. Camilo Hernandez
Medico-psychological Research on Communication Area: Prof. Pedro Ruggero
Public Relations Area: Ms. Hilda Rodriguez, Dr. Jaime Cukier, Mr. Hugo Grau
Technological Convergence Area: Lic.(*) Alejandro Stern

Accounting Department: Mr. Marcos Cordovero, CPA
Legal Advisers: Mr. Aldo Silvio, Mr. David Arrues, attorneys-at-law.

(*) Lic., short for Licenciado (for men) / Licenciada (for women) is an Argentine university title any person who has passed a 4- or 5-year postgraduate program/course of studies in specialties such as Psychology is entitled to.The degree is called Licenciatura.


  • Research, teaching, and psychiatric assistance.
  • FINTECO organizes various events annually:
    In June, the FINTECO Annual Psychiatric Congress which always includes a Symposium of the Section on Mass Media and Mental Health of the WPA(hereinunder Section on MM&MH) ,as well as a Symposium of the Section on Art, Health, and Community of the APAL, and a Scientific Videofilm Festival.
    Other meetings are also organized on a permanent basis since 1976, such as meetings on substance abuse that are held at the above mentioned Hospital Dr. José T. Borda, a Buenos Aires-based mental hospital for men, meetings on cultural articulation and the globalization processes -many a time with foreign participants, and, formerly, meetings on creativity and the arts. The above mentioned, current Symposia of the Section on Art, Health, and Community of the APAL have been substituting for these FINTECO-only-organized meetings.
    As previously advised, the activities of the first ever Interdisciplinary "Maestría" on Substance Abuse, created by Dr. M.A. Materazzi, started in B.A. in 2001. "Maestría" is the Spanish name for a university degree akin to the U.S. M.Sc degree. Theoretical courses take place at the Centro de Estudios Avanzados (Center for Advanced Studies) of the University of Buenos Aires.

    Recently held meetings:

  • 2004 (January) in Havana, Cuba; (February) in Rome, Italy; (September) in Boston, MA; (November) within a WPA Regional Meeting in Florence, Italy.

  • 2003: (September) in Asunción, Paraguay; (December), in San Remo, Italy.

  • 2002, a mini-Regional meeting held jointly with the Section on MM&MH, in Colonia, Uruguay, and a meeting with Argentine and Brazilian psychiatrists in Bahia, Brazil.

  • 2001, a joint voyage with the Section on MM&MH (meetings, round tables) to Austin, TX; Madrid, Spain, and Florence, Italy.


List of Publications

How to submit papers: Papers should deal with original research not previously published or being considered for publication elsewhere. Papers should be written in Spanish, however papers written in English, French or Portuguese are perfectly welcome too. Papers should be submitted in duplicate (i.e. original and counterpart) together with a brand new 3 ½ diskette since manuscript should have been written on a word processor preferably (Microsoft Office 2000). File should have been saved in RTF format preferably.

Neurociencias y Humanidades (Neuroscience and the Humanities), official journal of the FINTECO Foundation (formerly, Centro de Investigacion Médico Psicologica de la Comunicacion). Founded 1974. Published on a quarterly basis.
Journal editor and chief editor: Dr. Miguel Angel Materazzi
Associate editor: Dr. Jorge García-Badaracco
Scientific and Technical Coordination: Dr. Fabiana Materazzi (Ms) - Dr. Inés J. Puig (Ms)
Subeditor: Dr. Rodolfo Pérez
Journal has a 10-member editorial staff, a 37-member Argentina scientific advisory committee, and a 27-member international scientific advisory committee including psychiatrists from Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Paraguay, Spain, Uruguay, and the USA.Publisher: Editorial Salerno. Street address: Puán 635 / 1406 Buenos Aires, Argentina .

An extract from Neurociencias y Humanidades information for authors
- Papers should deal with original research not previously published, or being considered for publication elsewhere. Papers should be written in Spanish, in duplicate i.e. original, counterpart and a brand new diskette since manuscript should have been written preferably by means of word processors Microsoft Office 97 or Microsoft Office 2000, in a Word for Windows 1998 system (not Word for Windows 2000). File should have been preferably saved in RTF format.
- Author's / authors' full names, academic or professional affiliation, and complete addresses should be included on a separate title page. The name and address of the author to whom correspondence is to be sent should be given. Title page should also include a 150/200-word summary, and 3 key words.
- Papers should be sent to Chief editor as follows:
Dr. M.A. Materazzi, Av. Cnel Diaz 1775-PB / 1425 Buenos Aires / Argentina

For further details, kindly contact the Technical Secretary, Ms Françoise Pérez-Fernández in Buenos Aires at either e-mail address: or phone/fax number +(5411) 4658-04030.




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