News on 2008 General Assembly, Prague, Czech Republic

Delegates of Member Societies at the General Assembly, 22 September 2008The 2008 General Assembly was held on 22 September 2008 in Prague, Czech Republic at the Corinthia Towers, in conjunction with the XIV. World Congress of Psychiatry (20-25 September 2008, Prague).

It was chaired by Prof. Juan Mezzich (now WPA Immediate Past President).

Delegates from over 100 Member Societies attended. Other participants included some Affiliated Associations, observers from various international institutions, and officers of WPA components. There was full participation from the Executive Committee, Zonal Representatives, and some Council members who were able to be present.

Delegates of Member Societies at the General Assembly, 22 September 2008The General Assembly approved unanimously the admission of five new Member Societies. Six Affiliated Associations also joined the WPA as new members.

By acclamation, the General assembly conferred Honorary Membership, Honorary Fellowship, and a Presidential Commendation to colleagues.

Resulting from the elections that were held during the General Assembly, a new Executive Committee, Board (Zonal Representatives), and Council were elected.

At the close of the General Assembly, Prof. Mario Maj started his three-year term of office as the new WPA President.




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