Greetings from New WPA Secretary for Finances, Tsuyoshi Akiyama

Tsuyoshi Akiyama, WPA Secretary of FinancesGreeting from Japan!! I restate the visions which I had conveyed to you during the election and you see how they can be related with the Action Plan Goals (APG) set for the WPA under the leadership of Prof Mario Maj. I am really grateful that I am given this opportunity to support Prof Maj’s leadership and to help the WPA realize these goals. 

1. Promotion of the best practice
The WPA should create a list of inexpensive and innovative practices and spread the information. (APG 1 & 3)

2. Development of research
The WPA should encourage multicenter studies among the member societies and appeal to the research fund for the longitudinal studies. (APG 6 & 8)

3. Human Rights and Ethics Issues
The WPA should advance the human rights and ethics issues and help develop the organizations of the patients and the patients' families. (APG 2 & 7)

4. Young psychiatrists
There should be at least one young psychiatrist in each WPA committee in order to educate the future generation. (APG 4)

5. Media Portrayal
The WPA may provide training sessions for advanced media presentation skills to those interested. (APG 1, 2 & 9)

6. WPA Finance Report
The WPA should issue the finance report according to the desired frequency and items of the member societies. (APG 10)

7. Multidisciplinary team
The WPA should provide training so that the psychiatrists can lead multidisciplinary team more effectively. (APG 1 & 5)

8. Collaboration with primary care physicians and other medical specialists
The WPA should provide training so that the psychiatrists can collaborate more efficiently with these colleagues.  The Granada meeting was a wonderful start. (APG 1 & 5)

9. Mental health through the patients' lifespan
The psychiatrists should deliver simple lectures to all concerned with the welfare of the patients.  This should lead to effective early detection and intervention. (APG 1)

10. Relationship with commercial influence
The WPA should create a consortium of commercial donors.  A consortium supported project can be announced without identifying the specific donors. (APG 10)




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