Postlude from the Past Secretary General

John Cox, outgoing WPA Secretary General, handing keys over to the incoming Secretary General Levent KueyIt is an Honour and a Privilege to have been Secretary General of the WPA for the past six years, and I wish to thank colleagues for their support over this particularly critical period in the organization’s history. It was a challenging and personally fulfilling term of office - and I gave it my best.

The Electorate made some wise decisions in Prague, and was ‘spoilt for choice’! Levent Küey will have my maximal support as my capable successor. I wish him well in his high office. The new Executive Committee will be well led. I congratulate Pedro Ruiz on his election and am particularly pleased that the new Practical and Ethical Guidelines for Elections (which I initiated) were honoured. WPA as a professional and scientific organization is much stronger because of these developments

I look forward to maintaining my academic interests in Perinatal and Cultural Psychiatry, to attending WPA meetings when possible, and working as a Council member with distinguished former presidents. I look forward also to more time for music making, to more grandparenting and to travelling without a briefcase so burdened with WPA papers.  

Finally my personal thanks to our excellent staff in Geneva (Anna Engstrom and Pamela Atiase), and to Francois Ferrero, who facilitated our work in such a pleasing environment in Geneva, and whose conversations about therapy, politics and Tournier were always invigorating.

Especial thanks to Karin my wife and to my family for living with so much WPA chatter over six years, and for encouraging me to persevere with an organization that has such clear potential for much good.

We now look forward to good enough health to greet you in London at the Olympics and, who knows, perhaps one day at a World Congress in this fine capital city!!

John Cox




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