Greetings from Levent Kuey, Secretary General

Levent Kuey, Secretary GeneralBy taking this chance of extending my greetings to all psychiatrists of the world, I would like to give a brief summary of the WPA Secretary General Action Plan (2008-2011). Detailed information could be reached at the WPA Online ( I will be pleased to receive your further comments and suggestions.

General functions of Secretary General
Priority is the harmonization of the functioning of the WPA Secretariat to improve its key coordinating function in running the organization. The preliminary action had already been taken. Second focus is the role of the Secretary General in promoting the international visibility and importance of WPA by the coordination of relations with relevant world organizations. Third, a special emphasis will be given for providing secretarial support to all WPA components. Fourth aim is to raise the number of languages used in the WPA documents.

Special functions of Secretary General

As being the editor of the WPA Online, WPA News, and WPA e-bulletin, the Secretary General gives absolute priority to the synchronization and restructuring of these media tools in a plain but elegant style. This renewal process also aiming to rebuild the image of WPA with more comprehensive, balanced and high quality content is in progress. Connected to this, a WPA e-market, mainly aiming the dissemination of WPA Publications will be established. Second, the coordination of the EC and the Board activities will be upgraded. Third, the next WPA General Survey, to be undertaken by the middle of this triennium, will use interactive web tools. Fourth, reference material of WPA, as “Introduction to WPA”, “WPA Directory”, “WPA Information Guide” will be revised and translation opportunities are searched. Fifth, the standardization of the use of WPA logo, International Competitions and Exhibitions, WPA Agenda, WPA Bookmarks, revisiting its archives and publication of a comprehensive WPA history are some of the projects to be improved. Besides, the idea of a world wide research, aiming to understand and to improve the “Status of World Psychiatrist” needs to be developed.

Functions as an EC Member
Incorporate the cooperation of the Secretary General with all EC Members in implementing the WPA Action Plan (2008-2011) and in planning of the next Action Plan; in seeking innovative fund raising means from non-pharmaceutical sources; in the standardization of WPA CME procedures world-wide and its harmonization with the European CME; in enhancing the participation of leaders of Member Societies from developing countries in WPA scientific meetings; in enrichment of the WPA publications and expanding their accessibility specially in low resource areas; in supporting the collaboration of the scientific sections of the Member Societies with the WPA Scientific Sections and in improving privileged human rights for people with mental illnesses and in building strong organizational ties with users and care givers associations.

Levent Kuey
WPA Secretary General




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