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At the end of last century the Jean Delay Prize was established to honor distinguished colleagues that scholarly bridged the biological, psychological and social sciences underpinning our clinical profession and who veritably emblematized our highest ethical aspirations.

The Jean Delay Prize is the most important award of the WPA: it bears the name of Jean Delay, the President of the first World Congress of Psychiatry (Paris, 1950) and the first President of our Association. Jean Delay is one of the most important psychiatrists of the 20th century, as he introduced chlorpromazine in the treatment of psychotic disorders and described for the first time the antidepressant effect of isoniazide, both in 1952. In fact, he was both a great scientist and humanist. His eminent disciples include Pierre Pichot, Pierre Denicker and Raymond Sadoun.

The Jean Delay Prize is awarded by an international jury to an individual who has made a major contribution in the biological, psychological or social aspects of psychiatry or has built useful bridges between them.

The Jean Delay Prize consists of a diploma, a medal and a check for the amount of 40,000 Euros. The awardee is expected to deliver a plenary lecture at the XVI World Congress of Psychiatry, Madrid, Spain, September 14-18, 2014.From the beginning, a generous unrestricted grant from Servier made this award possible.

Next prize will be presented to the selected nominee during the XVI WPA World Congress of Psychiatry being held in Madrid, Spain on September 14-18, 2014.

Past awardees

Mitsumoto Sato in 2014

Kenneth S. Kendler in 2011
Professor Hans-Jürgen Möller in 2008
Professor Otto Steenfeldt-Foss in 2005
Professor HagopAkiskal in 2002
Professor David Goldberg in 1999











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